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Dec 11, 2006 04:35 PM

Forgot to make dinner reservations for this Wed...

Here's my dilemma forgot to make dinner reservations for a very special ocassion this Wednesday. So now I'm scrambling to find something and make it look like it wasn't planned so last minute.

So I was thinking, going really early and getting a table at Babbo. That would my number one choice at this point.
At first I was going to do the same kind of thing and try to get a table at the Enoteca section in "Del Posto" which would have been a new place for both of us, but I have read nothing but disappointing reviews about the food, so I crossed that choice out.

After that I'm drawing a total blank. I checked Open Table and the places available are fine, but nothing I would really call special, and I want a place with flawless food & nice ambiance. (Anywhere in Manhattan is fine)

Any ideas?


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  1. If you are trying to make it appear that you did not plan this at the last second, wouldn't going into Babbo early hoping to get a table defeat your purpose, especially if they don't have any availability which is likely? I would think for a special celebration you would want the certainty of a reservation. You might want to review the available restaurants on Open Table and pull out the ones you might consider and list them for feedback from the group. Should we assume that you would prefer Italian cuisine?

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      Well my idea was to secure one of the tables by the bar at Babbo (which are assigned on a first come first served order)
      The favorite options in this case would actually be French, or seafood; however, given the circumstances any restaurant with great food (as long as it isn't extremelly spicy food (spicy as in heat factor) would be great.

      Thanks for the feedback.


    2. I disagree with whatever you've heard about Del Posto's enteca. I thought the food, especially the pasta, was outstanding and a great deal to boot (both with and without the wine pairings). All three of us that ate there agreed it was a great choice.

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      1. re: jdmetz

        I was austounded by the reviews too and quite deflated because I had been looking forward to making reservations there soon. Everyone spoke of food not being up to part, and the service being a bit rushed and it was not one but several people saying more or less the same thing. Maybe they're all glitches that will iron themselves out in the coming months. I least I hope so.

      2. I agree with Bobby06877 that doing a walk-in at Babbo and hoping to snag a bar table does not have the appearance of being planned in advance, especially since you say it's a very special occasion.

        Looking at the listing on OpenTable, I see that Eleven Madison Park has a 6 p.m. opening. Considering that you are willing to go early to Babbo, why not go to EMP? If you're looking for "flawless food and nice ambiance," you can't do much better than Chef Humm's sensational French-inspired cuisine and EMP's gorgeous space.

        The Italian restaurants L'Impero and Alto have 6:15 availabilities. In both cases, the Executive Chef is Scott Conant. I've been to L'Impero. The food is delicious, and the ambiance has a lovely, romantic feel. Alto is more upscale. While I've not been there yet, my daughter had dinner there and said it was terrific.

        1. first of all, i totally disagree with the negative comments about del posto. i've eaten there as well as all of mario's other restaurants. while babbo is still by far my favorite, del posto is excellent. i've had nothing but positive experiences there! the pasta is great and the dessert cart is my favorite part of the meal!
          If you don't want to make it obvious that you forgot to make a reservation, then don't try to go early to Babbo in hopes of getting a table. that looks a bit obvious. Pretty much any restaurant that htey have on is going to be decent so you might want to give one of those a try!

          1. Thanks everyone for your recommendations, I made my reservations at Eleven Madison.

            Within the next two months I want to try El Posto and see what kind of experience I have. I'll probably go to Enoteca since that seems to be a greater value and if we love it will come back to the main room.