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Dec 11, 2006 04:25 PM

APIZZ - Not Overly Impressed

So my boyfriend and I decided to take our parents to APIZZ for their first dinner together...

I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed. Maybe it was my lack of appetite / anxiety, but I didn't find the food to be that spectacular. The risotto was a bit too salty and the pasta didn't seem worthy of the $26 price tag.

I will give APIZZ credit for having a wonderful atmosphere. The gorgeous brick oven created a really nice backdrop for dinner.

Thoughts? Should I give it another shot?

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  1. Apizz is not a "spectacular" restaurant--it serves rustic Italian cuisine at the very good level. Perhaps your expectations were too high. Personally, I'm a fan, but if you weren't and if the prices seemed too high, I'm not sure it's worth another try for you.

    1. I personally love Apizz....especially their buttnut squash ravilolis and gnocci with short ribs...everything cooked in their oven...also pizzas good as starters...
      I would say try again...rustic Italian...guess that's all I was looking for....

      1. I've had uneven experiences there. Most recently, I had a terrible dinner there that soured me on the place. The food was okay, not great, and the service was so bad it was comical. We had a 7.30 reservation, but they didn't seat us until 8.30. Several times over the meal, I saw the waiters actually asking people at other tables to pay the bill and leave to make room for the next reservation, even though folks were finishing their wine, deserts, and coffee. There are other places that are as good or better that aren't such a hassle. I didn't feel like it was worth another try.

        1. The last time I went was late-ish on a Monday or Tuesday, and we had a great time. I agree that the prices are a bit high, but I do think the priceis worth it compared to the other restaurants in the category and compared to the other places John LaFemina is involved with (Orchard, which I like, and Peasant, which I think isn't that hot but most people do).

          The one thing I would say about Apizz is you'd better go hungry. I find it to be some of the richest food - even for "rustic Italian" food - anywhere.