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Dec 11, 2006 04:19 PM

One Cup Coffee Makers....Please help, fast!

Thinking a One Cupper may be a great gift for the hubby for the holidays and I need assistance as to what is good and not so good!

Suggestions for me?? Thanks in advance!

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  1. A little more info, please.

    Is your husband "gadgety", or prefer simple and straightforward?
    Is he a coffee snob, or is his preference Folger's out of the can?
    Electric or manual?
    Buy over the web, or need to get from local store?

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    1. re: srgoodman

      I think the main criteria that I am looking for is: quick and easy. I am already off to work very early, so he gets our 2 (under 3 yrs old) girls up and off to daycare. He stops EVERY DAY for coffee at Starbucks, etc. I'd like something that he can use quickly and easily, that brews something really good that he can take in the car. He's not a coffee snob, but likes a good cup o' joe. I can order online (if I do it this week!) or buy locally (I'm in Maryland).

      1. re: stacylyn

        You've gotten a lot of very good replies. Given your criteria, I'd recommend one of the electric one cup coffee makers that make the coffee right into a travel mug. The Cuisinart that Sam Harmon recommended is one good choice. Here's a picture:

        (You should be able to buy it lots of places besides direct from Cuisinart, of course.


        This *won't* make the very best coffee, as numerous others have pointed out. (Personally, I prefer a manual pour-over, with my own home-roasted coffee. But *I* don't have to care for two toddlers ;-) ) However, as you describe your circumstances, I think it will be the best compromise of convenience and coffee quality.

        1. re: srgoodman

          Upon further reflection, I'm not sure I agree about the ease point. Either way, you have to pour in water. The only added step is that you have to heat the water yourself, which is no harder than making a cup of tea.

    2. Maybe others know of a electrical brewing system that works well, but I've always thought they run the water thru too fast, and cannot really adequately brew the ground beans in that short amount of time.

      My system for one cup is using a Melita holder (for 1 cup) and paper filter poised over a mug. Boil water, and pour over 2 T. freshly ground beans, circling around the filter and making sure the top of the filter doesn't fold over. It's really not much more work than a electric system, as you need to set that up and clean up after it too. And the results are better. There are gold filters also that you can buy instead of paper filters, if you like to save money and like a stronger cup of coffee.

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      1. re: Seldomsated

        Strongly second this but just a tip: let your water sit for a moment before pouring. Boiling water is not optimal for coffee extraction.

      2. I use a plastic single cup filter cone at the office, and the coffee is amazing. I think a great gift would be a ceramic version of the same which I have seen at monmouth coffee in the UK. They use it to brew their single origen filter coffee. It basically just a cone that sits on top of the cup, and you put a paper filter in it and pour on boiling water.

        1. I have the Cuisinart 2-cup in my office. It can make either one or two cups and comes with two very nice stainless steel travel mugs.

          1. Starbucks has one that I got for my wife. They throw in a bag of coffee too. It is in the 60-70 range. It requires a special cup that is included, the sometimes offer a special on an additional cup.