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Dec 11, 2006 03:56 PM

Chef's Station--Evanston

Why is this restaurant not more talked about? My first time there this weekend I had a fantastic meal with great service. The wine list is extensive, imaginatively presented, and includes a wide price range. The squash soup was great, my short ribs on a parsnip blend puree was so incredible, I'm still thinking about it. Literally melt in your mouth. Hubby's lamb made him very happy and the two desserts we tried, the creme brulee and a molten choc cake version (but with incredible Venezuelan dark chocolate) were yummy and perfectly done. Our waiter was really knowledgable about the wines and the menu. It was the perfect meal. We've not gone there in the past as I thought there would be train noise (as it is situated under a Metra station), but not a peep or rumble was heard.

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  1. Some restaurants get a huge amount of publicity, and some don't. It's not always related to how good the restaurant actually is. For all the hype you hear about places like Alinea, there are unheralded others like Oceanique and Chef's Station where the food is far, far better (and the prices are not obscene).

    I've been to Chef's Station half a dozen times, including once when we sat at the table in the kitchen. The food is consistently outstanding, the decor is fun (e.g. the pants pocket utensil holders and the butts on the upper balcony), and the service is very good. I love some of their other menu items, like their salads, seafood (great scallops), and foie gras. I went there on Thanksgiving and discovered some new menu items that I also loved. Highly recommended.

    They have a website:

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      . . . and I'd like to point out that their tasting menu (with or without wine flights) is one of the better values in the area for the quality of the food delivered.

    2. Could someone fill me in on the price range? It's not mentioned on their website, as far as I can see. I've been wanting to try this place out, but how much will dinner for two set me back?

      1. The pricing is typical of very nice restaurants, with appetizers and salads in the $5-10 range, entrees in the mid to upper twenties, etc. When we go, we usually each get an appetizer or salad, entree, dessert, and beverage (either a glass of wine or something non-alcoholic) and wind up paying $55-70 per person including tax and tip. You can go over that range if you order expensive alcohol, less than that if you don't order three courses each.

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          My recollection is that the tasting menus are also in th $50-$70 range (depending on whether a wine flight is added).