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Anything like Cheesestore of Silverlake in Pasadena, San Marino or SGV?

Looking for a fantastic cheese/wine/goodies store in Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino or other SGV areas. I've already been to Nicole's, so something other than that one.


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  1. I've heard good things about Nicole's Gourmet: http://nicolesgourmetfoods.com/ in South Pasadena. I haven't been there myself, so I can't vouch for it.

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      Hm...I've already been to Nicole's (see original post). Any other suggestions?


    2. Claro's Italian Market on Valley in San Gabriel (or is it Rosemead?) it's just east of San Gabriel Blvd. has a pretty good selection of Italian cheeses and wines. Other than that, I don't know.

      1. Check out:



        Bristol Farms on Fair Oaks also has a nice selection of cheese and wine.

        1. I think, sadly, the answer is "no." I thought at one point a cheese store was planned for a development around Fair Oaks or Raymond?? and Green St., but I don't know if that project is moving forward.

          While Bristol Farms does have a very good wine selection, I've always thought that the cheese selection isn't up to the standards set by the rest of the store. I've preferred Whole Foods for cheese, but they don't have as good of a wine selection. Gerlach's is also a good little wine store (although, lacking in ambiance) if you don't want to deal with parking at Bristol Farms. If you haven't looked, there is a lot of interesting stuff back in that chilled room.

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            I am disappointed too, pasadena_girl, that that store wasn't built at Raymond at Green. There used to be a billboard there advertising a sausage, cheese and other "gourmet" stores, as well as restaurant space, were coming.

          2. Roma Market on North Lake has a lot of reasonably priced Italian Cheeses but other than Nicole's you're stuck with Whole Foods/Bristol/TJs.

            What's wrong with Nicole's BTW?

            1. Back in the day, there actually was the ultimate kind of cheese/wine/goodie store that you are looking for -- Jurgensen's. I should start a nostalgia thread. It was an old-school, fine grocery store that delivered and had store accounts where you just gave your name (or, better yet, your parents'). In Pasadena, there was one on Lake and Calif. and one on Linda Vista. There was also one in Beverly Hills and on Larchmont. They had the best sandwiches.

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                I miss it. I was a manager there. (Pas)

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                  I miss Jurgensen's! Those were indeed the best sandwiches. The bread and butter pickles they put in them made many converts of people who claim not to like sweet pickles (me included).

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                    I remember my mom sending me to the Jurgensen's on Linda Vista when I was six or eight or something. I'd run down in my bare feet and pick up a roast, sign my name, and that was dinner. Yes, they did have the best sandwiches. And those gigantic sugar cookies.

                2. NIcole's is tiny. They have a miniscule cheese fridge. I live in the neighborhood. It's not a one-stop shop, but if it's on your normal driving route you've gotta stop in for frozen croissants (regular or chocolate) and their mushroom pate! We are addicted to these two items.

                  For cheese, the best selection in the west SGV is at the Whole Foods in Hastings Ranch. Yes, it's not near anything (unless you live in Hastings Ranch), but they usually have all the gourmet staples -- Cowgirl Creamery, Spanish sheepsmilk, etc.. Good olive bar too. Lousy wine selection.

                  For cheese, Trader Joe's is better than Wild Oats or Bristol Farms. I shop both those stores regularly and never buy cheese there. For wine, we shop at Heritage Wines on Raymond (just north of Colorado) in Old Town Pasadena or (believe it or not) any Pavilions in affluent neighborhoods. (South Pas is good, Pasadena on Lake is not.) Wine selection varies by store.

                  Sadly, the west SGV is lacking in a one-stop gourmet superstore. We're all still waiting!

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                    I must concur on all you've said here. I like the Whole Foods Hastings best of my local ones, and I shop at the Hastings TJs. Do other TJs have better cheese selection? Sometimes I want a particular cheese, and that TJs seems a little inconsistent on what they have when, maybe its me.

                    Last time I went on just wanted a Swiss Swiss, Gruyere, something along those lines, or even a style like that not necessarily from Switzerland or a neighboring country, and nada.

                    I went to the pharmacy at Gelsons for a compounded drug, and should have swept though the cheese section, I have not really checked out there store and should, is there a worthwhile cheese selection there at all? (The pharmacy is great find.)

                    I also wondered if anyone knows when the new Whole Foods on Arroyo is slated to open?

                    1. A bit east is California Wine and Cheese (http://www.cawineandcheese.com/ ) in Monrovia (on Foothill just west of Myrtle). I've not been there, though, and can't vouch for selection.

                      California Wine & Cheese
                      115 W Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, CA