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Dec 11, 2006 03:19 PM

local chains for prepared dinners

Has anyone had experience with either Dream Dinners or Let's Dish? These are both places where you schedule a session to assemble meals to keep in your freezer. I'm thinking it may be a good investment in my nutrition and my sanity after delivering twins (any day now).

These 2 chains have both popped up locally and I'm wondering which one to try, based on whose meals are tastier, and SPECIFIC to the LOCAL AREA, whose ingredients are fresher. I'd probably hit Let's Dish in Burlington, or Dream Dinners in Danvers or North Andover.

ANy experience with either one? I'd like a hound p.o.v.

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  1. There is also Dinner Concepts in Wakefield

    I don't believe it's a franchise. Havent tried any of them.

    1. Well Well Well is another one:

      You can buy their dinners at Whole Foods and at many gyms and fitness facilities. They used to have a delivery service, but I think that may have ended when they left their South End storefront. They are also a small local business.

      1. Buying-Thyme in Beverly is great! I have gone three or four times and the food is delicious! They use organic ingredients as much as possible. Also they are able to work with food allergies - they have set up a Gluten Free night once a month for a group of us. Definitely worth it to have a good meal and NO DISHES at the end of the evening.

        1. Definitely a good idea in the early days of babyhood. We have a friend who is a personal chef and filled our freezer after the baby arrived. Our only suggestion, regardless of who you get for this: variety, variety. After the third loaf pan of chicken casserole, we were pretty done with it...