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Dec 11, 2006 03:18 PM

One Night in Charlotte

What are the best bets for dinner (not Italian)?


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  1. As a former Charlotte resident, Lang Van often ends up being my one meal out when in the Charlotte area to visit family. Great food, very friendly service. Everything I've tasted from the extensive menu has been delicious.

    It has become a Christmas Eve tradition for my family!
    3019 Shamrock Dr
    Charlotte, NC 28215
    (704) 531-9525

    1. Barrington's on Fairview Road

      it isn't the hole in the wall, that chowhounds search for, but it is a tiny upscale neighborhood restaurant that is fantastic.

      1. Went to Upstream. Great meal and service.


        1. I've heard Lulu is very, very good.

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            Lulu's is excellent. I went there twice in December and all of my party were extremely happy with our choices and experience. I live in Paris, France, and you can't get food like this in Paris for these prices. Go for it.