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Dec 11, 2006 02:38 PM

Giada’s new show.

So glad that FN (cutting edge as always) has decided to give Giada a new show. What she up to now three? I guess they want her to catch up with the Flay/Ray number of shows. So once again they are redoing the same old format. Does it work? I have no idea I really don’t bother watching any more...and it used to be the first thing I tuned into and was on all the time.

FN has gotten inbred. It’s like a bunch of cousins getting more and more involved with each other.

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  1. Having only seen the previews it seems to me that this show is very similar to shows already on FN: RR's Tasty Travels, Road Tasted, etc.

    The original of this genre (at least on FN that I remember) was "The Best Of..." which these shows just make me miss...

    Good analogy about the cousins - very true. It's as if they can't be bothered to find new and interesting talent/formats/cuisines to showcase. TNFNS not withstanding

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    1. re: heathermb

      I really liked "The Best of..." it was simple with limited witty banter.

    2. what's the name of the new show?

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      1. I've long wondered if there's some kind of level of "senior host" or something that gives FN chefs a travel, you haven't really made it if you haven't done a show on the road. Not just "The Best of..." and "Food Finds," but the same footage ;-) with the celebrity host.

        Rachael: $40 a Day and Tasty Travels
        Roker on the Road
        Mario Eats Italy and Ciao America
        Tyler's Ultimate, and Food 911 sort of fits, or did he have another one?
        Seems like Flay and Emeril have done something?
        Ming's Quest
        Even Alton got Feasting on Asphalt

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        1. re: momjamin

          but there's the exception of the dean boys' show, Road Tasted.

          1. re: tuttifrutti

            I don't get that show. Is it an advertisement for home-delivered food goods? All they do is say how "awesome" everything is...and everything has a bit of a carnie-food bent. Eh.

            I love the cousins comments. I used to watch FN a lot, now I find I can't stand it. But they still have a few bright spots, like Giada'a Everyday Italian and Sir Alton. But that big bash show? How many times can you say, "Ooh, look how big the party's going to be!" "Look how many parfaits!" We get it, right?

            1. re: maggie

              "that's the best ___________ i've ever tasted. what you think brotha?"

              "alrighty brotha"

              "you ready to do this brotha?"

              "yea dude"

              - road tested in a nutshell.

              Nothing can compare to the original iron chef..and that's not even original FN material.

              Lets not forget about The hungry the hell did this guy get a show?

              "let's roll"

              1. re: anthonyrza

                LOL! You got that right. Slightly more entertaining than "Yum-o!", but not a bit more enlightening.

                1. re: anthonyrza

                  Isn't he the guy who shows Alton Brown where to eat in LA on Feasting on Asphalt?

                  1. re: anthonyrza

                    The hungry detective is a real cop (ret., I think) who seems to really enjoy food and telling other people where to find it- not someone who necessarily set out to be on a show. Of course some of these people have idiosyncrasies- don't we all?

                    1. re: kloomis

                      I am real and still working as a Police Officer....You are correct, the show kinda just happened...I have and will always be a foodie...the show is just a segment in the journey...although a fun one!

                2. re: tuttifrutti

                  True, but Paula hasn't had a travel show (except a special or two), so maybe the Sons' show counts as the Lady's...

              2. Road Tasted is time wasted. As for Giada's new show, I won't watch. I do like Everyday Italian because of the quick pasta dishes and cleavage.

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                1. re: bkhuna

                  As long as Giada doesn't smile, she's pretty fine.

                  1. re: Chrispy75

                    anyone else notice her head is freakishly huge compared to her body? just throwin that out there.

                    1. re: anthonyrza

                      It didsn't look quite so out of proportion when she was on Iron Chef...the angle on her own set makes it worse.

                      1. re: momjamin

                        The angle on her own set is set up so she has to lean towards the camera to get half of the things she uses, more on days she's wearing a low cut top.

                        At least they finally found her a bottle of conditioner.

                        All that said, I do think she does a good job, whoever is picking her recipes usually gets the balance of what you can do in a 30 minute show right. Mercifully I don't ever recall her saying "EVOO"

                        1. re: Scrapironchef

                          When is she not wearing a low-cut top? Wow.

                2. What is the deal? Can't FN find any new stars? I think they've gone way overboard using the same chefs in shows over and over and over and over. They obviously haven't figured out that if people don't care for Rachael or Bobby or Giada or Mama Paula in their main shows they aren't going to watch them host a new show. I've always thought of these shows as FN "left-overs". It's sorta like having meatloaf three nights a week. You can change the side dishes to try to jazz it up a bit, but it's still meatloaf. (nothing against meatloaf, I love it). They really need to find a way to come up with some new "dishes".

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                  1. re: Axalady

                    What happens to all those win a show on FN folks? Their shows seem to always be at a crazy time like 8:30 in the morning. The hearty boys? The guy with the spiked hair? FN does seem to be obsessed right now with recycling their stars. Leave Giada alone! But her stylist needs to stop putting her in those cheesy bad nightclub outfits, and girl pull your hair back!