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Dec 11, 2006 02:28 PM

Restaurant - too dark

What is the philosophy behind a restaurant being so dark it is hard to read the menu (and the check) Been to one place where they attached a pen light to the menu, but not the check.

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  1. Funny question--espeically the part about the check.

    The philsophy? I would posit that the thinking is based on the assumption that dimly lit = romantic, therefore VERY dimly lit = VERY romantic. I'm sure there's a logical fallacy at play here, but I flunked out of college, so I cannot pinpoint it.

    1. Perhaps so you can't see your waiter's thumbprint in your mashed potatoes??

      1. How about that skaggy rug with things nesting in it?

        1. I think it shows lack of brains by the owner. Just about everyone over 40 has a decline of vision, both for reading and the ability to see in low light. Considering what a huge demographic it is and that they are also big spenders when they eat out, this would seem to be shortsighted. I have attached a small micro-light to my keyring (as have many chowhounds I know). We use it to read the menu and see the check. At times we loan our lights to the table next to us. It is amazing that the restaurant managers don't get in.

          1. I usually think they are trying to hide something, like very dirty floors, upholstery, walls, etc. Not conducive to good dining in my opinion; I then spend way too much time sniffing the air, trying to find out what the restaurant is trying to keep secret.

            I enjoy seeing my food and people-watching so very dark restaurants aren't my cup of tea.