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Dec 11, 2006 01:34 PM

2 Day Whole Pig Party With Friends

Bought a whole, Tamworth-Berkshire cross pig ( 250 lbs, lovely, lovely fat thing) from an Amish farmer a few weeks ago, together with a few food fiends. I live in Pennsylvania and have worked with Amish farmers who farm sustainably for a few years. He butchered it to our specs. Next time we may do it ourselves. We made 50 lbs of outrageous sausages (each of 5 cooks brought ingreds to create his own 10 lbs) many salamis which are hanging in the garage, 12 lbs of pate using the huge liver, loads of fat and a butt, we are making pancetta and bacon from the belly and have a ham curing. We ate the head (cheeks, yum) grilled the kidneys and heart, and have a freezer loaded with chops, loin and gorgeous fat. One of us cleaned the stomach, stuffed it with force meat and sorrel and poached it. One of us owns a heavy duty meat grinder (it ground up the ingredients like so much butter) and another brought his refurbished, gorgeous old antique sausage stuffer. The kitchen aid meat grinder would have been exhausted. 2 of us are chefs so we benefited greatly from their expertise HOWEVER we are all fun loving , good cooking porkaholoics. We all agreed this was the best thing we'd done in years!!! Everyone of us had been crazy to do this for a long time. Our pals who came over to eat, the following day, brought side dishes and were astounded by the juicy, superb sausages. We made apple rosemary, brocoli rabe and provolone, ancho chorizo, breakfast links and patties. SO JUICY!

When we were dividing up the extra parts to take home, we fought over the fat, not the meat. I will ty to post some pics. We documented ourselves silly.

I think we should lobby CH for a new board called "PORK!"

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  1. That sounds absolutely spectacular, missclaudy! How I envy you all. Don't think it's something I could ever hope to pull off in my minuscule New York apartment kitchen. LOL. Would love to see the photos when you get around to posting or linking.

    1. Congrats. That sounds like an excellent feast. We split a pig every year with a chef friend of ours and enjoy every bit. Ate a big fat chop tonight with savoy cabbage cooked with our house-cured pancetta. Lovely stuff.

      The kitchenaid is not meant for big jobs but it works really well for smaller jobs. Most of our pork gets frozen and made it to sausages later- prefer the snap of the skins.

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        Now we are spoiled! Pork from the store will never be the same and "the snap of the skins" gives me reason to live!!!!

        I know the kitchenaid is great for smaller amounts than what we made. So happy you have experienced The Joys Of A Whole Pig too.