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Dec 11, 2006 12:39 PM

Which seasoning/spices to buy?

For Christmas I want to give my daughter some spices and seasonings - they can get so expensive. Which would be the basic enough to be used fairly often, yet be fun ones for her to get?

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  1. I love herbes de provence... very versatile... wonderful on just about everything, from meats to veggies.

    What a thoughtful gift!

    1. I would give her a storage system, some organized way to hold her
      spices, things she would gradually buy as she is inspired by recipes. You could than consider giving her a good pepper mill and packet of unground pepper as first addition.

      1. Pepper and Pepper mill is good. Maybe that and a big box of Kosher Salt or Sea Salt.

        There are also a lot of spice sets available on-line at Penzys.

        Or for a beginng cook I have seen a big set at Costco which is reasonable.

        1. Here's what I use most often:

          Italian mixed herbs
          Poultry seasoning
          Bay leaves

          I'd consider that to be an excellent starter kit of herbs & spices. To save money, buy them in bulk with some bottles, and bottle them yourself. Toss in a spice rack and that's a super gift idea.

          1. I suggest a good pepper mill and peppercorns. Good fresh pepper is useful everyday for everything. I love my Unicorn pepper mill. The pepper gun to get started; the Magnum for serious pepper needs.
            Good list above, add vanilla if she bakes.