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Dec 11, 2006 12:34 PM

Birthday dinner in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Birthday dinner for a group, fun atmosphere. Great food a must, upper scale is fine. No "theme" places (Dick's, Medieval, Dave & Buster's). what is the term for the table located in/near restaurant kitchens?

Dallas area is OK since we will have a designated driver. Ft. Worth preferred but I know Dallas will have better selection.


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  1. Not enough specifics. Age of group? What do you consider "fun"? What are your favorite restaurants?

    Plenty of folks go to Joe T. Garcia's and pound margaritas for a "fun" birthday.

    Others go drink beer and dance German polka at Edelweiss.

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      Birthday weekend in Fort Worth. we all live in various places in TX. great food a must. cost: $20-40 per entree is fine.

      Big "partiers"/fun-loving group of seven (ages 68-42). a place like Edelweiss would be great for our first night in Ft. Worth. or a mediterranean place with belly dancers. For second night - looking for an upscale place with jazz or a "supper club" with dancing. or a dinner place, then a jazz club or some type of music for after dinner. thanks!

    2. For great food (fine dining), I recommend St. Emillion in Fort Worth. It's on 7th Street. Reservations needed. Another place with great food is Sapristi's on Forest Park in Fort Worth.

      Food and atmosphere are the key here. Neither are wild places. You go there for the food and the service.

      1. Lonesome Dove in Cowtown?

        I don't normally like tricked-out steaks, but their Roasted Garlic Stuffed Beef Tenderloin is fantastic.

        1. First night -- Drinks at Byblos Lebanese, watch the bellydancer, then Lonesome Dove for dinner.

          Second night -- Reata dinner (maybe the rooftop). Then go to a downtown concert at Bass Hall or Ovation jazz club on Camp Bowie.

          1. Ovation is a super idea. Lots of fun. Really good, diverse crowd and live music. Food is full of flavor - chicken and waffles (I think it's an old thing in Harlem, Gladys Knight does it at her cafe in Atlanta), really good gumbo, nice steaks, etc. The cheese grits with jalapeno are so good and rich they should be outlawed.

            Byblos is fun, too, and the food's gooood. Lonesome Dove is so hit or miss. Some nights the food is outstanding but the service is dreadful. Some nights it's the opposite. Reata might be more consistent.