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Dec 11, 2006 10:59 AM

source: dried pomegranate seeds?

anyone know where to get dried pomegranate seeds in center city?

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  1. Try the Arabic grocery in West Philly at about 44th and Walnut, a few blocks past The International grocery. While you are there, pick up my new favorite Lebanese fig, sesame seed and anise preserve at a whopping $1.49 a jar. Weird and delicious. Great with meat. GREAT store if you've never been.

    So you can't find them at the Indian grocery? I know that you , Smellchipper, know alot about Indian food and ingreds. Maybe Subzi Mandee in the North East if our local Indian stores don't have them. But then, you might as well get them in New York (duh). What are you making? I adore anything pomegranate.

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      as you typed that I was at the International Grocer on 42nd and Walnut buying the seeds. Didn't realize that it was a northern Indian/Iranian thing till I did some research. Actually thought I might find them in a weirdee health food store. Rice n Spice didn't have em tho, just the powder. Will try the arabic grocer next time I can get dropped off in the area again. My wife will ridicule the fig spread till she tries it.

      It's actually more of a pain to get indian groceries in ny than here in philly cause my folks are nowhere near curry st. I'm trying to get my brother started with Sahni's Classic Indian cooking so I'm buying him a starter set of stuff plus the book. Went up to Penzeys on Saturday for higher quality stuff...
      blah blah blah anyway so I'm making chana masala murgh from Batra's 1000 indian recipes which are hit or miss so hopefully this one is a hit since I had to run around looking for one ridiculous ingredient! I'll let you know.

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        If you cannot find dried pomegranate, fresh will prob. be ok for this recipe. I've eaten a few savory indian dishes that contained fresh pomegranates and they were a great addition.

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          Good idea, fresh pomegranates are so wonderful BUT ,I just read that the dried seeds come from a strain of pomegranates that is much more bitter and astringent than juicy, sweet, fresh ones.

    2. by the way, if you dont want to take the time to get the seeds out of the fruit (which can be tedious) just saw today at Trader Joes a box of fresh seeds in the produce section!

      1. Fresh pomegranate seeds are not a substitution for the dried seed powder.
        Completely different taste.
        Go to an Indian store and ask for "Anardana".

          1. Lotus, if you buy already seeded pomegranate seeds from TJS chances are they are weeks old, the point of adding them to a cooked dish ( which I often do at this time of year)is that they add a burst of sweet and tart freshness AND the crunch of the seed when you bite into it. Here's a great no fuss, no muss way to do it.

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              You may be right. I haven't bought them may test them out. I agree that burst of sweet and tart is wonderful (for me, I especially enjoy them in spicy, Indian dishes).