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Dec 11, 2006 08:15 AM

Wolfe Cafe in Cupertino

Last week we stopped by Cupertino Village planning to eat at Silver Wing. Sadly, we found that it had been replaced by a soon dubu spot. So, we did a little shopping at Ranch 99 and then took a walk around the complex to see what might appeal to us.

Following our recent experience at Denny's Cafe on Geary, my brother has been fascinated by the Hong Kong coffee shop genre (cha chang teng 茶餐廳) and he talked me into trying Wolfe Cafe. We'd just missed the "happy hour" when several items are marked down to $4.50.

I had House Special Spicy Soup Noodle (chao ma mian), $5.95, which was utterly forgettable. Soggy noodles, less than fresh seafood, yet decent soup stock.

My dad had Baked Mushroom & Clam over Rice, $6.95. Served in a gratin dish and topped with some cheddar cheese, this was tasted pretty good although Dad did complain that it didn't have much clams (chopped and canned) in it. The leftovers made a good lunch reheated the next day with some prawns added to it.

William's was the best of the lot, Spaghetti with Black Pepper Beef, $6.95. Though "*" as spicy, it wasn't really that hot but for a bit of peppery burn in the finish. The beef was nicely charred and the gravy was good enough, but he admitted it wasn't as tasty as his dish at Denny's.

We noticed that the cafe was doing a big business in takeout. We found out that it offers a takeout-only bento box for $5.95, and if you prepay in quantity there's an additional discount. Any experiences with the bento box specials?

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  1. Too bad about Silver Wing. It was the only Chinese restaurant I know of to pack up and move from the L. A. area to the Bay Area. There are so many restaurants in Cupertino Village that I didn't even notice it was gone.

    1. I've eaten at Wolfe Cafe quite a few times. It's definitely not the best HK style cafe out there but neither it is the worst.

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        Any dishes it does better than others?