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Dec 11, 2006 04:47 AM

Fairmount bagels better than St-Viateur bagels

I've felt for last couple of years, that Fairmount bagels are better than St-Viateur bagels. I've been telling people this, & several people I know also prefer Fairmount over St-Viateur. The Montreal Gazette/National Post newspapers just did a bagel taste test, & Fairmount bagels came out on top(topping St-Viateur & two bagel shops in Toronto for best Montreal bagels). St-Viateur gets vast majority of the bagel press(for having the best), but Fairmount frankly is better.

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  1. Are you trying to pick a fight? :)

    St-Viateur VS Fairmount is long standing rivalry that won't be settled here, nor by The Gazette.

    I personally prefer St-Viateur for the classic sesame, but Fairmount offers 12 varieties including my favorite blueberry bagel.

    One thing is for sure, they are the 2 best bagels shops in the world, since everyone knows Montreal Bagels are unrivaled and those 2 are the best in the city ;)

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      Certainly not trying to pick a fight. Friendly discussion. The only way I can be sure is to eat them side-by-side, soon after they come out of the wood-burning oven. And the recent Montreal Gazette/National Post bagel taste test, is certainly not going to settle it once & for all(for one thing, the bagels tested were at least several hours old).

    2. I am a St. Viateur person when I am able to get them. Not readily available in Indiana but when back in Montreal St. Viateur is a must on the places to go.

      1. ST. Viateur for me too please!

        1. Bof. Better according to whose criteria? The Gazoo's? <snigger> And not even the rag's foodies' at that...

          Prompted by claims on various boards and comments from various foodie friends and acquaintances, I made several visits to Fairmount over the course of the summer and early fall. I remain in the St. Viateur camp. Fairmount bagels are good but too sweet, too shiny, too heavy and way too encrusted with seeds. Not that St. V's are perfect -- there's the ballooning size and the accompanying tendency to doughiness to complain about.

          In other words, there is no best bagel. It used to be made by St. Viateur but died with a whimper, not a bang, about 20 years ago. And until you can point to some objective criteria, your better is merely a synonym for personal preference.

          1. I have always preferred Fairmount to St. Viateur. Black and White are the old standbys, but my absolute favorite is the pumpernickel bagel. No trip to MTL is complete without a trip to Fairmount for these!