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Rosy's Jazz Hall Good Food?

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Ok, so I'm still trying to plan my wedding and reception in NO, and Rosy's Jazz Hall keeps coming up. Has anyone tasted the catering there? Obviously, I'll plan a trip there to taste things, but it'd help to be able to have a short list of possible places. Just wondering if people who like food have liked their food. Thanks!

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  1. I probably responed to you before. My BIL and bride just had their reception there in October, with a buffet of food, some hot, some cold, plus passed apps. I thought the food was really good. In particular I remember the little lamb chop apps, a great cheese plate, roasted and marinated veggies and olives, crab cakes on a tortilla chip, and some sort of smoked salmon thing. I didn't eat much of the hot food, so I can't help you there.

    I just saw an ad for the Cricket Club, the old Eiffel Tower restaurant I mentioned on another thread -- I know nothing about it, but the space is really cool.