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Dec 11, 2006 02:35 AM


Ooooohhh yeeahh...the perfect combo!

And lots of french bread...damn!

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  1. Do you do them on the grill or directly on the coals? I make clams like this and have been thinking oyster myself. (Next summer unfortunately)

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      grill...and let the butter drip down on the coals to create a smokey inferno...takes a few minutes took cook with the lid closed...!

    2. The best oysters I've had were grilled. These were huge ones that were about the size of my hand or bigger (some were the length of my forearm!)that I had when I was in Portland OR. They just threw them on the grill for a bit to open up a little. Then they shucked it, poured a garlic, white wine, garlic, and parsely sauce over the top and put it back on the grill until the edges started to curl on the oyster. They were so briney and garlicky and the texture of the oyster was a little creamy. I enjoyed them more than any raw oyster I've had.

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          Those sound like Tillamook Bay oysters, and grilling is the traditional way to eat them as they are usually too big to eat in a single bite and perhaps too strongly flavored for most people to consume raw.


          1. re: Ed Dibble

            Definitely too big to eat in one bite. When the oyster was put in front of me, I asked the bartender for a knife and fork. Some snooty little waitress that happened to be walking by, said "aren't you supposed to just shoot those?" How am I supposed to shoot something that is bigger than my mouth? They were kind of giggling and laughing at me until I told them - "you come out to the east coast and eat some lobster with me, you'll be still figuring out how to get the tail meat out while I'm finishing my second lobster." They kind of shut up then, and handed me a knife and fork.

          2. re: LStaff

            can you say when and where you had these? i may have to make an emergency trip to portland...

          3. I don't think I'd want an oyster as big as my hand, BUT,
            oysters grilled for a few minutes so the flesh just starts
            to tighten - wonderful. I think I prefer raw, but don't
            snear at grilling.

            1. Raw on the half shell with or without condiments is the only way I want them. Heat is just messing with perfection. If health worries are your concern they are not mine. Shellfish are tagged as to origin and with prudence as to where they are purchased and consumed health problems other than true allergies should not cause concern.

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              1. re: feelinpeckish

                let's see...
                I'll start with some raw - a little lemon and black pepper.
                Then some oyster soup of some sort. I've gots lots of good recipes.
                A dozen char-broiled. Perfect!
                Then some fried. Maybe even a po'boy.
                Or we could do scalloped. Yum. With bacon.
                Maybe a few smoked thrown on top my salad.
                I haven't figured out an oyster dessert yet. What would you think of some cookies that were frosted to look like oysters on the half-shell?
                Those yummy chocolates in the shape of oyster shells with praline inside...
                Which courses do you want to skip?????

              2. oh hell yeah. gimme a couple dozen please. but i'd like a platter of raw to start. just lemon thx.