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Dec 11, 2006 02:28 AM

Kid-Friendly with good service near the Lyric Stage

My in-laws are taking my kids to see Avner the Eccentric at the Lyric Stage on Saturday. They will need to get dinner after at a fairly early hour (5:30). The most adventurous eater among them is my nine-year-old; my in-laws don't like spicy food and my five-year-old is more typical for her age. What options do they have within a fairly short (1-2 blocks) walk? Boring is fine as long as the food is well done. Good service is very important. Is Legal Seafood the best option?

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  1. I don't see people bringing kids there very often, but Laurel might fit the bill: very solid American menu, fine service, nice prices for the atmosphere. Take a look here:

    The Hard Rock Cafe is close by and kid friendly, but I think the food's gross. Bertucci's is also close, and not terrible as chain restaurants go.

    The Stanhope Grill in the Jurys Hotel probably has some kiddie dishes, it being a hotel restaurant. I've only had appetizers here, not a full meal. It's a grown-up looking place, and not exactly cheap.

    I brought my teenaged niece to Douzo, which has a broad Japanese menu, not just sushi. It's a nice-looking space with good service.

    Cottonwood Cafe and Fire & Ice are nearby, but I think they're both disgusting.

    1. Second Laurel.

      Another possibility: Firefly at 130 Dartmouth St (across from Back Bay Station). Similar to Laurel (same owner) but less formal. Standard American fare plus pizza and crepes.

      1. There's also a Bertuccis on Staniford St., right around the corner from the Hard Rock. I think that would fit the bill for everyone.

        1. Thanks, everyone. Knowing the audience, I think Bertucci's or Firefly would be the best bets.

          1. If they decide to go to Firefly or Laurel, tell your folks to check the back of their Lyric Stage show tickets. There might be a coupon for a small discount at those least, I've always seen these coupons printed on the back of the tickets to the "Once Upon a Time" performances. I think the discount is on the order of 10% or so.