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Dec 11, 2006 02:00 AM

La Fogata Mexican on Van Nuys Blvd.

Looking for more decent neighborhood mexican restaurants. What would you suggest at La Fogata? Also do they serve Al Pastor?

My current local favs are:

-Tony's Mexican Grill-for fish tacos
-El Zarape-for their homemade corn tortilla tacos

and thats about it, Senor Fred's is more of a date spot and thats not what I'm after. Mexicalli is just a people watcher spot not a spot for good food.



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  1. Never eaten at Fogata..but the reviews I've heard are either pure adoration or absolute disgust.

    I like Casa Vega on Ventura..but not sure houw authentic it is. Been a long time since I was there. It seems more like an old-style american-mexican joint than something serious.

    I have heard good things about Lenore's, it is vegetarian food, but people like it. No Al Pastor.

    Frankly, when I'm craving good tortillas and food, I hit up Vallarta and go to the back for the prepped food. There's a nice one in Van Nuys on Sherman Way, I think. Re-built since the old one burned down.

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    1. re: Diana

      The Vallarta that burned down is on Victory, not Sherman Way. It's just west of Woodley. It has been rebuilt and is open.

      There's also a Vallarta on VanOwen near Woodman.

    2. Carnitas tacos at La Fogata are good. We pretty much like anything there. Not blow you away good but yummy. Now some good Mexican close by is Don Cuco's in Burbank or Casa Vega in Studio City.

      1. I'm pretty sure that La Fogata doesn't have al pastor. We go there from time to time. Haven't had that many menu items - chili verde, hard shelled chicken tacos. I didn't like the taquitos. I like the refried beans. I don't love it nor do I absolutely hate it, I think it's mediocre but not really terrible.

        1. My wife and I love La Fogata, especially for breakfast. Their Ranchero omelette is fabulous. So are the chilaquiles con huevos.

          For dinner items, their chile rellleno with a taco is quite decent but not stellar. But, still better than anything close by.

          Casa Vega can't hold a candle to the cooking at La Fogata but they certainly have a more festive atmosphere at dinner time.

          1. Stuart - do you want places that make homemade tortillas, and the "whole enchilada" so to speak, or just a place that serves good food in a cheaper yet neighborhood format?
            Senor Fred can be as neighborhood as you want it to be, and certain items are good, yet much more expensive than many other suggestions that will surface.
            Casa Vega is the El Coyote of the Valley - awful food, festive environs, and decent grog.
            Good neighborhood food is best found on Sherman Way at Corbin in Winnetka at Carrillo's Deli in the Smart & Final center, which I realize is not Sherman Oaks-proximate, yet in high rent neighborhoods you seldom find quality neighborhood food at affordable pricepoints.
            Tortas Mexico in Studio City has some decent items. It is the same center near Vineland on Ventura with Residuals, Popeye's, etc.

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            1. re: carter

              Thank you Carter, I'm after just a casual spot to sit down for chips & salsa and good food. My favorites are al pastor tacos and tamales just I dont want to drive out of the North Hollywood, Van Nuys to Sherman Oaks vicinity. Senor Fred's is great when I take a date out yet I'm looking for a spot when I'm alone, current spots are El Zarape & Tony's Mexican Grill.

              Thank You,