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OK - so I have someone coming into town from NY (a co-worker of sorts) and I need to take him to dinner MONDAY NIGHT. My office is in BH and he's staying at the Park Hyatt in Century City. First thought was to meet at Crustacean in BH... Need help with other ideas - Boa in Santa Monica? Lincoln or Wilshire in Santa Monica? Somoething else in BH? HELP! Ideas would be great (something between BH and Santa Monica) and not sushi (don't think he eats it). Money's no object (and don't say Melisse!) :)

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  1. how bout CUT in beverly hills?

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      Great idea... Doubt I could get a res though. Thanks!

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        GREAT IDEA! I Didn't think about that but that may be the ticket! THANKS CHOWHOUNDS - keep 'em coming!

      2. kate mantelini's on Wilshire

        1. I do LOVE Kate Mantelliniis! Two great ideas... This and Alley.

          1. Carmine's II
            La Cachette
            Whatever you do avoid Crusteacan like the plague!

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              Yeah, Crustacean is pretty, but not good food. If money is no object, go to Spago. Not only is the food amazing, but it's fun and an institution, which is good for out of towners. Try the tasting menu. I'd also recommend Josie and Ji'Raffe in SM for fabulous food.

            2. Definitely listen to other posters and avoid Crustacean like the plague. I haven't had the good fortune to try a lot of the other places, but based on the reviews here I would say go for it but keep in mind what kind of atmosphere you want (quiet, French, pretty romantic: La Cachette; more hip and with more bars around for after dinner, JiRaffe; etc.)

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                Thanks all! It's a good thing I asked - Crustacean was a last minute though! The other ideas are great but the only problem with places like Spago and Cut are that it's way too late to get a reservation (for tonight). I've decided to just go to Boa in Santa Monica (close to home). BUT have also decided to do Kate Mantellini for lunch today!

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                  double check to make sure everything is open - Mondays can be tricky.