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Greek restaurant in NYC

What are some great greek places in NYC? Im looking for a modern/gourmet twist on greek or mediterranean food, preferably in the downtown area.

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  1. gus's place
    it just re-opened on bleeker and macdougal
    the old one was really great and I missed it when it closed a year ago.

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        I agree Gus's place is very good but no modern twist
        I think Thalassa is really good

      2. Parea, on 20th St., b/t Park Av. S. & B'way, serves delicious modern Greek cuisine in a large space with sleek decor.


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          Second Parea. Had a terrific meal there. You can search for a review I did a while back.

        2. pylos is incredible. lower east side. just type it into menupages.com and read the menu and reviews. YUM!

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          1. Pylos is great as mentioned. Also, look into Thalassa in Tribeca. We adore that place! The space is also quite beautiful.

              1. Second Pylos and Thalassa - both have very good food. Pylos is a lively, crowded more intitmate place and Thalassa feels large and airy and is a bit more upscale.

                1. I second Thalassa for food and atmosphere

                  1. Snack Taverna at 63 Bedford St (& 7th ave) was quite enjoyable. The food was good as was the atmosphere.

                    1. Onera on the UWS is the best. Try the tasting menu paired with the wine tasting. You will not be disappointed.

                      1. Not modern or downtown (anymore), but Ithaka on 86th and 2nd has to be mentioned in any discussion about Greek spots in Manhattan.

                        1. Onera on W. 79th is a modern, bordering on postmodern, interpretation of Greek food. I also second recommendations for Parea, and would add Barbounia (250 Park Ave. S at 20th St.) as a lovely setting with upscale Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

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                              Ethos is my favorite Greek restaurant. However, the o.p. is looking for "a modern/gourmet twist," and Ethos does not fit that description because the food served there is very traditional.

                            2. ONERA is definitively what you seek. And amazingly good food to boot! ONERA though, is on the UWS. Ammos is great! Ammos has a bit of Cypriot tastes mingled within the menu. Vanderbilt at Grand Central Terminal. Pylos is anything but modern. I won't carry on about how much I despise the place. Snack and Snack Taverna are OK, but not quite the modern twist on FOOD you may be looking for.

                              1. Molyvos used to be a contender in this race, but I haven't been there in years so I don't know if it's still in the running.

                                1. i've heard from my foodie friends that onera is really excellent. that might be perfect but it is on the uws. haven't tried it myself. molyvos has also gotten great ratings. so i second the recos for both of those places but i am partial to pylos which seems to fit the request in the o.p. as far as being downtown and serving a twist on med food.

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                                    Not to rag on Pylos, but where is the "twist"? At least a "modern/gourmet twist on greek or Mediterranean food"? (Maybe one in small portions and large prices?)
                                    I understood that Diane Kochilas consulted the former owner of a quite a few failed restaurants that opened this place to feature "Greek food" as it is served today in many places in Greece, with a heavy nod to NYC (and outer boroughs, Astoria) dining trends in casual eating, but not a "modern/gourmet twist on Greek or Mediterranean food". And after dining there myself, I fail to see the "modern/gourmet twist on Greek or Mediterranean food" either.

                                    As for Molyvos, well, I don't know of too many Greeks finding this place to serve "Greek food" in the first place, and second, what ARE they serving? Modern, NYC atmosphere? Certainly not a "modern/gourmet twist on Greek or Mediterranean food".

                                    Unfortunately, ONERA is on the UWS. Had it been “preferably in the downtown area”, it fits the O.P. query perfectly.

                                  2. I know you asked for Manhattan, but Astoria is the place to be for the greek food - after all, isn't it like little Athens, basically? I recommend Elias Corner (the best seafood) or Taverna Kyclades. Both rate very highly in Zagats 24+? It's only 20 minutes away from manhattan.

                                    1. Only one place for the best Greek Food: Astoria. Jump on the N/W train and get off at either Broadway or 30th Ave stop. The selection is endless.

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                                        Some people say it ain't what it used to be. Jim Leff wrote a post a few years ago about this, saying that ethnic food in an inner-city nabe declines as the suburban scene grows. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                                      2. Snack Taverna all the way. It's the best Greek food I've ever eaten, and my current favorite restaurant in all of New York. I've been there several times for lunch, dinner and brunch and literally have not ordered a single item that wasn't terrific. It's an outstanding restaurant, and fits your "modern twist" request as well. Be warned that the place is small and popular, so during prime dinner hours it can be cramped and hurried.

                                        Parea is pretty good but IMHO it's not in the same league as Snack Taverna.

                                        1. Barbounia on Park and 21st. Beautiful atmosphere and what I could consider delicious, modern Greek food.