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Dec 11, 2006 01:36 AM

Best time to eat at Brent's (origial location) this friday for YUMMY DINNER?

I know it can get crowded...what time would be good to be able to avoid over 10 minutes of waiting to sit for dinner?

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  1. In the morning, I'm there every Friday at 7am enjoying my plate of either:

    -Barbecued Cod or smoked white fish on a bagel

    -their amazing thick raisen bread french toast


    -simply a delicious omlette

    Keeps me going till dinner time for the start to a weekend.

    Report back, its the best!


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    1. re: Hypnotic23

      Yeah..great..I want to go there for dinner, though not breakfast.

    2. I would say between 5-6pm anytime after that would be a 20 minute wait, still not that bad.

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      1. re: Hypnotic23

        good advice! Thanks! Besides Matzoh Ball soup and latkes, what should we get? Is the Black Forest Pastrami all that?
        Do they have a liquor license?

          1. re: Diana

            No liquor at Brent's BUT if you want a drink with your dinner and also to avoid the wait, you can eat next door at the Stovepiper Lounge, they have a window that goes through to Brent's so you can order off Brent's menu and they will serve it to you there.

        1. With your Matza Ball soup ask for a side of Kreplak, like a jewish dumpling.

          Also when they bring you the free pickles to your table be sure to ask for the green tomatoes too which are free with the meal yet sometimes you have to ask for them.

          Yes, the Black Pastrami is by far the best for a deli meat sandwich, if your husband or a friend is joining you I would also suggest the stuffed cabbage dinner, incredible, not sure if they have a liquor license.

          Save room for the blueberry cheescake.



          P.S.-Diane, give me some suggestions on my La Fogata post-thanks