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Looking for Good pizza in Eagle Rock

Hi Hounds

So we recently moved to Eagle Rock and left our beloved Village Pizza behind. We have tried Casa Bianca many times and it sucks! We have tried Italiano's-OK, Capri-OK, Two Guys from Italy-Ok. But we want great pizza. Any Recommends?

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  1. You might be out of luck. A lot of people think Casa Bianca is the best in Eagle Rock and even LA.

    Speaking of pizza...today I had this idea that I wanted the chopped salad and pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, don't ask why, I haven't been to one in at least 2 years. But first thing I tried to taste was the smokey flavor of the pizza and it wasn't there. Then walking by oven I noticed its no longer a wood fired oven but gas.(Hollywood location).

    1. Yeah, we like CPK but only the thin crust. Try that next time. It's very good but not quite what we are looking for.

        1. re: Babette

          we know a lot of great places in hollywood but were really looking for something closer. Thanks

        2. Casa Bianca pizza is good, but it is not classic pizza, and that sounds like what you are looking for.

          There WAS Guiseppe's on verdugo by chevy chase with fabulous thin crust pizza. Sadly they are no more. It's a bit of a drive, but not horrific - Dominicks in La Crescenta. Excellent thin crust pizza! Not cheap but TASTY.

          Dominick's Restaurant & Pizza
          2948 Foothill Blvd
          LA Crescenta, CA 91214-3411View Map

          Bada Bing in Pasadena is okay... but only if you get the plain cheese.

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            See, to some of us Casa Bianca's pizza *IS* the classic pizza: thick, goopy, loaded with stuff - the pizza we grew up with, the pizza that defined itself during our formative years. And that, as opposed to some textbook standard, is what defines "classic" in many people's book, mine included.

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              Are the mushrooms canned or fresh? I use fresh when I make my own at home.

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                  ...and it must be said that some of us prefer them that way on a pizza. Burned fresh mushrooms taste like hair to me.

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              Thank's for the recommend on Dominick's we will have to check that out.

            3. Nicky D's in Silverlake (Rowena near Silverlake Blvd) is our personal NY style favorite. HOWEVER - there have been comments of late here about inconsistency issues.

              Foliero's in Highland Park (Fig & Ave 60) is quite good (sometimes great) IF you specify thin crust. Dirt cheap, but good. Their subs are also tasty.

              As Casa Bianca, if you've followed the instructions here on what you should be ordering - eggplant and/or sausage - then no, it doesn't suck. Also, I've had great pizza from Village Pizza, and I've also been disappointed.

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                Here's a second vote for Folliero's! I've been eating their pizza for more than 30 years (yikes) and am still in love with their lovely, chewy crust. We love to order the vegetarian with anchovies. The sausage is excellent too. Just head south down Figueroa, it's about five minutes from Eagle Rock, on the east side of the street.

                1. re: Briggs

                  Nicky D's pizza is nothing special and the service is among the worst we've ever experienced in this city. Maybe if you're a regular they treat you better, but we're not going to find out because we'll never go back.

                2. Folliero's sounds great I will check them out. I am going to have to stand my ground on Casa Bianca. Ordered there many times. Their crust has no flavor, that can't be fixed by toppings. To each his own.

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                    Maybe you'd like those cheese-filled crusts at Domino's? If you think Casa Bianca sucks, you might be better off with a chain restaurant's version of a "classic" pizza...? Since you didn't specify thin crust or thick, it's hard to figure out what you mean by "classic."

                    1. re: Clare K

                      ALmost as insulting as Bianca's customer (non)service.

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                        Hey! Say what you want about the pizza (which I happen to love, especially the eggplant and the sausage with peppers), but the service at Casa Bianca is great -- all the waitresses are sweet and helpful and best of all, fast. But then again -- I'm always nice to them and tip well, and they are always wonderful to me and my family. I suppose this is a case of "honey over vinegar" but then again, as someone who worked as a professinal chef for many years, I know about both the front of the house AND the back -- and how they should be treated. Just as you sow, etc.

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                          As much as I now hate the crust at Casa Bianca I have to say that I've always gotten great service there.


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                            There is no problem with the service, once you get it. The problem is the non-reservation policy (for most groups), the cramped waiting "space" (thank goodness this is a relatively non-rainy year, because you will usually wait on the street for the better part of an hour if you really want to eat here, assuming you luck out with the very limited street parking), the hardened attitude of the front people - I am sure I would be the same way under the circumstances - and the carry over of this poor customer service to the take out operation. Ever called at 4:30 for a 6:00 pick up only to be told upon arrival for the pick up that you will have to get in the wait list with everyone else? I have. More than once, but not again.

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                        I was always in Casa Bianca's corner until the last time that I was there in August of this year. The toppings were very tasty but the crust was as stiff as a hardtack, overly fermented in some spots, and tasteless in most spots; plus it was very tough. Obviously the dough had been way overworked.

                        Just before I turned onto the 5 South on the way to Casa Bianca my intuition told me to take the 5 North to Antonio's in Sherman Oaks (excellent pizza); I still regret that I didn't listen to my inner voice.


                    2. Michelangelo from Silverlake is opening in Eagle Rock (though your quess is as good as mine as to when). I can't wait for an italian alternative to Casa Bianca in the neighborhood.

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                      1. Caveat: My idea of a great pizza is what they served me as a kid in central New Jersey. For me, it has to be good as a plain-cheese, because all pizzas become basically indistinguishable to me once you pile on a ton of strongly flavored toppings. This may differ from your platonic pizza ideal. I like other kinds, but that's the yardstick I use for the places mentioned below.

                        I agree with your assessments of the places you listed. We've also tried the place in Highland Park that's at York and Figueroa, and that wasn't that good either. I found Foliero's irredeemably bready, but didn't know to specify "thin crust" as a previous poster suggests.

                        The only place I currently consider a go-back-to is Pizza Buona in Echo Park (go south on the 2 and keep going when it ends, stay to the right when Alvarado splits off and it's at the corner of Sunset), and I usually ask them to bake it a little longer ("well-done"). It's worth noting that some guys on this board did a comprehensive side-by-side showdown between Buona and Pizza Paul (at Melrose and Heliotrope) and declared Paul the hands-down winner.

                        Also, Cheech's in Los Feliz has had many good things written about it. I haven't been there myself yet.

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                        1. re: ladelfa

                          Finally tried Cheech's on Hillhurst a couple nights ago. Possibly the worst pizza I've had in Los Angeles. Just awful. Bready crust with the consistency of pound cake and the sweet, oily flavor of a Ritz cracker. Indifferent sauce, flavorless cheese. You can't order a single pizza there -- you must buy two at a time. My dining companion's "sausage" pizza was sparsely dotted with a few small coins of sliced sausage. They seem to do something to each pizza that involves a paper towel, for some reason (I couldn't quite see what the procedure was). Also, at some point in the baking process, the pizza guy goes around the edge of the pizza with a pizza cutter, to deflate the bubbles in the dough or something.

                          Two medium one-topping pizzas: $13.50.

                          1. re: ladelfa

                            I live close to Cheech's. It's sad how terrible their pizza is.

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                              I live a few blocks from Cheech's - never tried it, and your description is *exactly* what I always assumed it was like. Good to know... now I never, ever have to try it.

                              Have you had pizza from Farfalla? It's actually pretty good. We usually get the sausage arugula pie - if you pop it in a super hot oven for a bit when you get it home (I always pick off the arugula first, then put it back on when I take it out of the oven) it's better than eating it straight from the box. Of course, eating it there is even better. Thin crust with a little chew to it, good toppings but not overpowering...

                            2. re: ladelfa

                              I just went to Pizza Buona last week. It wasn't bad but it was way too soggy a pizza. I was with 6 people and we had two pies and not a single one of us could eat the slices by hand - all of us used knives and forks because the pizza was way to wet to pick up. It tasted fine though.
                              I went to Pizza Paul's and based on the one time at each, Pizza Paul was definitely better.
                              I should point out that I love the sausage and fried eggplant pizzas at Casa Bianca so maybe that disqualifies me.

                            3. For proximity you might not have too many choices.... I have yet to try Bianca's but if you can make it to Los Feliz Hard Times pizza is very good...

                              other than that get to the SFV if you can for some GREAT pizza @ D'amores , Mulberry street, La's best or even Caruso's in Sylmar.

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                              1. re: wizardx

                                Agree that Hard Times is very good.

                                1. re: Griller141

                                  Hard Times is next on my list to try.

                              2. I know that you want pizza in Eagle Rock, but I have to say that my favorite pizza is at a little stand on the Venice Beach boardwalk called Ray's, I believe. They add anise to their sausage pizza (or maybe their sausage already has anise in it) and it's so good! Their crust is very good too. To me, it's much better than Village Pizza's sausage pizza - their sausage tastes kinda flat. It's just unfortunate that Venice Beach is so far from where I live.

                                1. Have you tried the pizza at La Fornaretta in Pasadena (39 S. Raymond in Old Town)? It's about a 10-minutes drive from Eagle Rock. The restaurant isn't a pizza-joint: it's more of a mid-price sit-down place, but I think their pizza is exceptional.

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                                    I agree that La Fornaretta is (was) unusual - reminiscent of places in Italian train stations with perfect crusts, soulful cheese toppings with just a tad too much oil, and thoughtful not overwhelming toppings. A great experience. Unfortunately, the last time I tried it, they were packing up as they had been bought out - with the rest of the building - by the Scientologists. I have tracked the family down (don't ask) and am told they are permanently closed.

                                  2. Just wanted to correct myself about Ray's on the Venice Beach boardwalk -- there's fennel in their sausage pizza, not anise.

                                    1. I have tried many pizza places in Los Angeles and given I am a former Chicagoan who has tried all the top pizza places in Chicago I still will rate Casa Bianca as the best in LA. If Casa Bianca sucks and Two Guys From Itlay is ok then Pizza Hut may be your best choice. Cheechs is simply awful -- ketchup sauce on rancid bread dough - UGH! Most pizza in LA is just average. Another place a little further out but worth the drive is Zelo's pizza in Arcadia -- the cornmeal crustl with gourmet sausage toppings or spinach -- plus many more is simply delicious and much better than anything mentioned on this board.

                                      1. As a former New Yorker who grew up on NY pizza, I have the following comments:

                                        Hard Times in Eagle Rock - the closest I have had to NY pizza, but occasionally inconsistent.

                                        Casa Bianca: - Truly disgusting!

                                        Folliero's: OK, but not outstanding.

                                        Is it the water? the cheese? Personally, I think its the "oiliness" of NY Pizza that makes it so good.

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                                        1. re: jazzlover

                                          Is that the same group as the Hard Times in the Silver Lake area? I grew up in NJ, and used to live in NYC, and to me, Hard Times is not even close. I mean not even remotely close.

                                          I think Pizza Buona is the closest I've had to east coast pizza in LA (never been to Mulberry St.), and at least a couple of east coast friends have said the same thing. I hear you on the sogginess thing, though. Lamonicas is close too, but they put way too much olive oil on the crust or something.

                                          Never tried Casa Bianca - I don't eat dairy (maybe there goes my cred as a judge of pizza - but I think it's even harder to "fake it" when there isn't cheese all over the top), and supposedly there's some dairy in the crust. That also makes me suspicious of them as NY style pizza, but unfortunately, I've never tried it.

                                          1. re: jazzlover

                                            Just tried Folliero's the other night and really liked it. Their crust was great, though a bit soggy in the middle when we got it home. That's to be expected with a thin crust takeout. Their sausage rocks!

                                          2. Try Petrillo's on Valley Blvd. 2 blocks east of San Gabriel Blvd. Not NY style or Chicago, but a damn good pizza. I drive from Silver Lake over there.

                                            1. Not sure exactly what you're looking for--everybody has a different idea of what "classic" pizza is (and mine lines up pretty well with Casa Bianca)--but I think Pizza Boy #1 in Glendale is pretty great. The crust (not thick or thin) is chewy, they don't put too much sauce on it (my kids hate it for this reason), and it's dirt cheap t'boot. They deliver to Eagle Rock.

                                              1. Well, I've got a 20-year history with Casa Bianca and love the sausage and eggplant, but I know people who don't like it. Up until a few weeks ago, I'd've suggested Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza in South Pasadena just south of the 110 on Fair Oaks, but they've been sold. We had the pizza the other night and it was pretty good, but not as good as it was with the old owner. They do have NY-style slices, including a good white pizza.

                                                1. Hard Times in silver lake is definitely the best pizza in the vicinity

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                                                    I guess it's a matter of opinion: I think that Michaelangelo's on Silver Lake Blvd. has the best pizza in Silver Lake.


                                                  2. So, where in greater LA is the best wood fired thinnish crust pizza, with just the right balance between sauce, cheese and toppings? Kinda like you get in Rome or seaside resorts in Italy & Spain? I do realize that Neapolitan and some other regional pizzas are thicker and gloppier, but they are the exception rather than rule in Southern Europe.

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                                                    1. re: bernardo

                                                      Traditional Neopolitan pizza isn't thick or gloppy as far as I know. I've heard mixed reviews (and haven't been there), but from posts on the board etc., I think Antica Pizzeria is probably the closest you'll get to traditional Neopolitan pizza (which I think is actually more or less what you're asking for) in LA. Worth a shot, anyway.

                                                      1. re: will47

                                                        If this from Pizza Metro, largest on Amalfi peninsula, and which we joyfully sampled numerous occasions, isn't gloppy then choose your own verbiage.

                                                      2. re: bernardo

                                                        Until recently I would have said Nicky D's, which I've been touting on this board since '03. However...there is an inconsistency. If you don't mind the gamble, it's worth checking out. As for Hard Times, I had a slice there a number of years ago and never went back.

                                                      3. Mulberry Street in Beverly Hills is the closest I've had to the pizza I grew up with Syracuse (NY, not Italy). I was working in BH over the summer and frequently ate lunch there. Hard Times is good, but it's not NY style, IMHO.

                                                        1. We gave Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza another try after we heard that it was under new ownership and had a very positive experience. The pizza and their pasta sauce was the best we've ever had and watch out, those addicting garlic knots are dangerous. They recently received great reviews by the Pasadena weekly...they don't deliver to Eagle but they're not too far from Eagle Rock either...

                                                          1. Try Carmine's in South Pas. if you like thick, crispy with a soft crumb crust with actual salt in the dough so you can taste it...wow! Poor Casa Bianca...no one appreciates true canned mushrroms at the peak of their season. Oh well...everything in Eagle Rock and Glendale stinks...its most Armenian driven food or garbage corporate

                                                            1. There is no good pizza in Eagle Rock. Casa Bianca is insipid and uses tasteless canned ingredients. Capri is just as bad but at least the two twins that run the joint are at a good show.