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Dec 11, 2006 01:04 AM

Strip house recs

Hey, im going to striphouse this tuesday. What are the best items on the menu. What's their best steak cut? Thanks

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  1. Black truffle creamed spinach is amazing, and the lobster bisque is an absolute necessity. It's the perfect balance of creamy, buttery, savory and sweet, and tastes like the absolute essence of what lobster bisque should be.

    They push the goose-fat fried potatoes, but I'm not so into them. The outer crust is indeed crispy and tasty, but the lump of potato chunks inside tends to be a bit bland for me.

    I love the namesake strip there, medium-rare.

    And while I usually would walk a zillion miles for their ginormous chocolate cake, it was a little on the dry and tasteless side on my last visit there. But maybe your luck will be better?

    1. They sometimes offer a double strip--if so that is the way to go. B/c its thicker they can really keep the center med-rare (which is the way I like it, and the way steak should be eaten). If not go with the simple namesake.

      Agree with the spinach, definite must. I also happen to really like the goose fat potatoes.

      The chocolate cake is good, but so it the cheesecake--served in equally ginormous slices.

      1. Porterhouse for 2 is great, as is the truffled spinach. I'm not a fan of the goose fat potatoes.