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Dec 11, 2006 01:00 AM

riverhead and vicinity...Kielbasa

Any info where I can get homemade kielbasa and other Polish goodies out here.....I'm new to the area Thankyou

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  1. Everything is on Pulaski Road in Riverhead, easiest to get to from Rte 58 and then right turn onto Mill Road (by Home Depot) then quick left onto Pulaski. Maybe a half mile, just past the church.
    There are three delis within one block of each other and I know for sure two make their own keilbasa and other sausage. The most popular is the European one (can't think of the exact name) they do lots of hot food too, and then on the same side of the street a smaller one. Then theres another one across the street but I don't know them as well, but all have mainly Polish products. The Birchwood Restaurant is right next to that one, if you want really a good Polish menu.
    You can probably find everything you want there, I hear Copiague is building up that way also. And don't miss the Riverhead Polish Festival street fair in August, it's lots of fun.

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      The name of the european place is (surprise) Euro Deli, on the south side of Pulaski Street. They have both smoked and fresh kielbasa and different kinds of bacon, as well as pastries and breads.

      There used to be a Polish/Russian store and/or deli on the south side of W. Main Street just west of Griffing Ave. Do you know if it's still there and if it's any good?

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        It's still there, and I hear it's good, people in town tell me they go there for lunch. There's also a Russian/Eastern European market in the part of the WalMart S/C nearest to Rte 58, it's called European something (European Market maybe?). Lots of interesting breads and preserved meats.

    2. The Birchwood on Pulaski road, in Polishtown, has a good kielbasi sandwich. You know that you are in Polishtown when all of the street signs are in red and white.