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Dec 11, 2006 12:46 AM

PHX: Steakhouse rec's

I have my personal favorites, but I'm looking for input for others out there. Mr. and I do a Christmas dinner to ourselves each year, and I need to make the reservations tomorrow for this upcoming Saturday night.

I want good beef
I want good cocktails*
I want great atmosphere

All the usual suspects are open for review: Mastros, Flemings, Mortons, Donovans, and any others.

*The newest member of the "Future Chowhound" club has arrived. She came on Nov 29, and is a big ball of beautiful. So now I can drink. :D

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  1. The Grill @ the TPC !

    Dry Aged Beef!

    1. I'm a big fan of Drinkwater's City Hall. We always have a great time, and the steaks are top notch. Excellent service, too.

      1. I love Durant's. It's old Phoenix, ya know and I know you appreciate that!

        Congrats on the new baby!!! What's her name? How is kidlet #1 liking her?

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          Thanks Gail. Her name is Olivia. #1 was a little standoffish at first, but she's very much into the baby now.
          Are you still moving?

          I would go to Durant's, but Mr. really likes the ala carte style steakhouses. He likes ordering stuff like creamed spinach and fufu potatoes.

          Another reason to hit Durant's: Stone crabs. They may be the only place is town that offers them in season. I ordered them from Joe's in Miami Beach for Mr's birthday meal.

          Ciaogal - we've had great food at the Grill @ TPC.

          Anyone been to Donovan's at 32nd St/C'back?

        2. Lovely!

          Still waiting on the job transfer, should know by the end of the year if I'm heading to VA or not.

          The stone crab is so good!!

          I've not been to Donovan's, but my brother has been several times and he loved it! Had only great things to say.

          There's also Captial Grille, I've not been to the one here, but I've been to others in the country and it's great.

          And, there's always Ruth's Chris, which I think is great.

          1. I have heard some really great things about Mastro's up in north Scottsdale. It's run by the same people who do Drinkwater's City Hall, and is said to be even better than Drinkwater's. My vote would still go with Durant's, though; there's just nothing quite like it.

            And oh, how I long for the days before Michael Monti got to run La Casa Vieja down on Mill in Tempe. Speaking of Monti's, does anyone have a copy of the Roman Bread recipe from there? I know it's a pretty basic rosemary focaccia, but there was a certain something to theirs that I haven't quite been able to duplicate in the comfort of my own home.