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Dec 11, 2006 12:05 AM

Those Kraft commercials with awful recipe ideas

Is it just me or do those Kraft commercials with the recipe ideas look awful? That one with the cornbread, olives, chicken, corn, red onions and globs of ranch dressing looks so unappetizing. Just saw one that showed coating cashews with cherry Jello powder. Yuck!!!

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  1. Agree that they look/ sound awful. Recently my sister made several hors douvres from recipes in Kraft's "magazine" that direct mail piece "Food and Family," some of which were really tasty.

    The candied cashews do look gross-but the idea of shortcuts to fancy looking food appeals to a lot of people.

    as long as there are awful convenience foods, there will be awful convenience recipes.

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      There are always a couple decent recipes in "Food and Family," but there's too much cream cheese for my taste -- I would say that at least 60% of the recipes involve spreading cream cheese on something or dipping something into cream cheese. Blargh!

    2. My mother used to talk about watching Kraft Theatre on T.V. when she was pregnant with me (1957/58), and having to leave the room when the commercials came on; otherwise she'd invariably throw up.

      1. What shows are these on? I might have to record some just to see these.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          They are commercials run quite a bit on the TV Food network

        2. For you younger folks, Kraft TV Theater (or whatever it was called) had commercials that featured cooking demonstrations using Kraft products: a Don Pardo-like announcer (Ed Herlihy?) described the recipe, while disembodied hands performed the procedure on camera. This was parodied in the 1974 film "Groove Tube": the hands strive - and fail - to match the announcer's increasingly detailed instructions. (Maybe not as funny as I remember, but it sure was LMAO at the time.)

          1. I remember watching Kraft recipe commercials during a Christmas special when I was about 6 or 7. I thought the stuff they were making on the commercials was what was making me sick; I had no idea I was coming down with a world-class bout of stomach flu. Forever after I have associated Kraft commercials with nausea. Talk about aversion therapy.