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Dec 10, 2006 11:57 PM

Xmas Vacation in Memphis

My husband I will be traveling to Memphis, TN on 12/26 and staying through 12/30/06. We will be traveling with our 19 year old son who is not a particularly adventurous eater. Would someone give us some ideas for "non-chain" moderately-priced restaurants to try. Thanks.

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  1. Here are a few good suggestions for non chain or small local chain places.

    Huey's - There are 4 or 5 locations around town. This is a Memphis only chain and a local favorite. Great Hamburgers and onion rings. It's a bar and grill meets bring the family atmosphere. go to for locations and menu

    Salsas - nice little local tex mex place. In a good east memphis location not upscale but not your typical cheap mexican tex mex place either.

    If you are downtown there are several good restaurants. Just walk around and look.

    give me more info about your location/ price for meals and type of food you like and I'll give more suggestions.

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      We will be all over the city - Graceland, Martin Luther King museum, Pink Palace,both museums of soul/rock music....also Beale street. Being Chicago suburbanites, we are used to driving all over. I would guess we are think entrees in the $10-15 or so range... Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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        See my other post re: Huey's. I recommend Gus's fried chicken, Cozy Corner, Los Tortugas Deli Mexicana (further out east), BBQ Shop and Soul Fish. IMHO, Salsa is adequate mexican, but no better than most mexican places in your town. It doesn't define Memphis like those I listed do.

    2. Ditto Huey's. My husband is from there, and I grew up an hour from there. We loved Huey's. Best burger in town. And you can shoot toothpicks up into the ceiling. At least the one we went to.

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          1. I don't know how you feel about ribs, but Charles Vergo' Rendezvous Ribs is probably one of, if not the most famous eatery in Memphis. I enjoyed my meal, even though the ribs came out a little cold due to the fact that they had just served the Republican convention that was in town at the same time. I don't know if they have enough options to satisfy your group though, so take a look for yourself.


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            1. re: coasterphil

              That may have been their excuse, but the food there is generally uneven. I love the place, but I go knowing I'll have fun and with the hopes the food will be as good as it use to be. I'm satisfied about 50% of the time.

              1. re: tater

                I also love the Rendezvous. My wife took me there for our first meal together in Memphis. It was her "Show off" place.
                They ribs can be a miss sometimes but usually are great.
                Also, you need to order the Rendezvous Special. It's an appetizer plate with cheese, peppers, salami, etc. It's great.