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Comfort Food Season

With a bit of snow and dip in the temparture--- wher are people heading for "comfort food"?

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  1. I would try Zon's in Jamaica Plain--they have yummy meatloaf and mac n' cheese!

    1. Silvertone has good meatloaf, steak tips and mac & cheese all year round ...

      1. Definitely CF Donovan's in Savin Hill for, well, just about anything! (Pumpkin ravioli, pizza, steak tips, burgers, turkey dinner)

        1. Moules-frites at Burren, clam chowder at Jacob Wirth (I also frequently get this at John Harvards with some good beer), fried clams and all else at Neptune, seafood waterzooi at Publick House (my new favorite).

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              Columbus Cafe (same owners as Delux) shares the comfort heavy menu, and you can sometimes get a seat there.

            2. Veal parm at Carlo's Cucina.

                1. Soup! Soup! Soup!

                  Ramen at Sapporo Ramen in the Porter Exchange
                  Homestyle Egg Drop Soup at Shangri La


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                    Right on about soup - spicy jam pong (spicy everything-but-the-kitchen-sink seafood and thick noodle soup) at Hometown (aka Buk Kyung) in Union Square.

                  2. Martsa in Davis Square for any of the vegetarian dishes, Cafe Polonia for pierogies and Troquet for foie gras just like mom used to make.

                    1. The open face turkey sandwich at Bouchee on Newbury street - served warm (in its own little cast iron skillet) with stuffing, moist turkey and a side of tart and sweet cranberry sauce - its a delicious, comforting treat.

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                        Mmm that sounds awesome. Is it a lunchtime special?

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                          Yup. Its not on the dinner menu but I would seriously consider making a special request on a cold winter night - the dish is certainly large and filling enough for dinner (in fact, I have never finished it during lunch).

                        1. Chicken Parm over mafalda from Vinny's at Night
                          Pork chop with vinegar peppers from Vinny's at Night
                          Mac n cheese at Eastern Standard
                          Bolognese at Stella or Davio's

                          and then the gym!

                          1. Grotto's gnocchi with shortribs

                            Beef bourgignon, pig foot, escargot at Pierrot

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                              Had the escargot at Pierrot last week. Did you think they could use more garlic? I did! They were excellent in every other way.

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                                Don't forget the Bananna bread pudding for dessert at Grotta - now that's comforting if you still have room for dessert after the short ribs.

                                The cavatelli is pretty dang good on a cold night too - I tried to replicate it at home a few weeks ago. Tasted good but nowhere close.

                              2. breakfast at the neigborhood-followed by breakfast at brookline lunch-followed by a good long nap.................

                                1. Soup at Buk Kyung
                                  Moules frites at Petit Robert (Kenmore)
                                  Grotto's gnocchi and braised short ribs
                                  Soup noodles at Qingdao (I finally got them to actually pack the broth for takeout)
                                  Hot chocolate at Burdick's
                                  Almond Joy at 1369

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                                    I want what's on YOUR list.

                                    I'm so glad they wrapped up the soup properly for you at Quingdao. I think the version with ground pork and chinese vegetables is out of this world. That was a hound rec (Beetlebug) that I never would have sought out on my own.

                                  2. * I third Eastern Standard - most of the menu really, esp. moules frites

                                    * Pho, esp. the beef lemongrass at the lone remaining "Pho Pasteur," in Chinatown

                                    * Hot cider with port at Shay's (Harvard Square)

                                    * And of course my true test of being a New Englander, Christina's ice cream as winter comfort food!

                                      1. Suan la chow show at Mary chungs in Central Square.

                                        1. Well, I won't hit all of these, but here are some dishes I'm thinking about as it gets colder:

                                          Veal scallopine with potato gratin at Metropolis.
                                          Turkey meatloaf at the Franklin Cafe.
                                          Short ribs on many menus.
                                          Cassoulet at Pigalle.
                                          Various charcuterie at Caffe Umbra (while I can).
                                          Pumpkin ravioli at the Tuscan Grill, Waltham.
                                          Ribollita, salumi, bruschetta di fegato, rigatoni norcina at Trattoria Toscana.
                                          Anything at Cafe Polonia, but especially the potato pancakes.
                                          Chicken paprikash and veal gulyas at Jasmine Bistro, Brighton.
                                          Choucroute garni at Sandrine's.
                                          Kimchee chigae at Wu Chon.
                                          Feijoada completa at Muqueca.
                                          Lomo saltado at Rincon Limeno.
                                          Banh mi bo kho at Xinh Xinh.
                                          Homestyle (knife cut) soup noodles with beef at Beijing Star, Waltham.

                                          1. Ditto another poster re: Soup. I credit Sapporo Ramen and Pho Hoa for getting me through grad school. Still haven't found a great spot for matzoh ball soup so I continue to make my own. Any recs for that are appreciated, especially west of the city. Also, Henrietta's Table's roast chicken and their vegetable gratin.

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                                              Their soups may be loaded with salt and butter, but I really like the New England Soup Factory's matzo ball soup.

                                              Also second the recommendation for Kimchee Chigae.

                                              Eastern Standard's cassoulet's pretty satisfying, too.


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                                                I've only been to Eastern Standard for a burger at the bar (which was quite good).
                                                Can you elaborate on the cassoulet? Is it a special or wiil it be in their menu through the winter?

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                                                  I'm not sure, my visit last week was only my second time there in the past year or so. Their cassoulet was wonderful, though. Small earthenware dish of some sort filled with a hearty white bean stew, a lovely garlic sausage, and a huge hunk of pork shank or shoulder or something like that. The pork was definitely the star of the dish. It was at the same time falling-off-the-bone tender and crispy on the outside. Really great.


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                                                  I like New ENgland Soup Factory as well (although I haven't been since I moved out of Brookline Village) but the one time I got matzoh ball soup there, the matzoh ball was literally the size of a grapefruit. It actually was a very good matzoh ball, just too much of one -- there was hardly any room left in the container for soup and vegetables. I stuck with the noodle or rice option after that. But that was just one experience -- maybe someone in the kitchen just had big hands or something.

                                              2. Zaftig's is a good hit. They have lots of comfort food.
                                                Mac & cheese at Silvertone's is good.
                                                Had the truffle mac and cheese at Ivy and that was good too.
                                                Franklin Cafe, meatloaf is great!
                                                Petit Robert Bistro has some wonderful things.