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Dec 10, 2006 11:43 PM

Kiriko Sushi? Need info

I have heard on this board mentions of a sushi place called Kinko's. It's the favorite of a lot of people who seem to know their sushi. But try googling Kinko's and you know what you get. Even searching this board turned up only a feew breif mentions. Anybody want to fill us in on the relevant details?

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  1. sure you're not thinking of kiriko?

    1. Do you mean Kiriko? Kiriko is consistently mentioned on this board as a favorite.

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        I think my glasses need cleaning. It's probably Kiriko I'm looking for. ;-)

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I really don't understand why this board raves about kiriko so much...after reading the rave reviews I went to visit myself and must say the experience was just so so...the only fish that really stood out was the albacore which was the best I've had but the others: salmon, yellowtail, amaebi, toro, uni, etc. were just so so...the quality of the salmon and yellowtail were on borderline looked limp...quality was much lower than what I'm used to at komasa...I just don't understand!

            1. oh and we were at the sushi bar served by the sushi chef on the left (younger guy) not the older guy on the right...not sure if that made a difference