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Dec 10, 2006 11:24 PM

Best chips in San Diego?

Awhile back, there was an episode of The Best Of or Food Finds or something like that on the Food Network. They featured a place that supposedly made the best tortilla chips in SD. I believe it was in Old Town, and that it had been in operation for a long time.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Worth a trip into tourist trap hell?

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  1. El Indio on India Street, sclose to Old Town.

    Pete Wilson, who was the Mayor of San Diego, requested chips and salsa from there to be in Sacramento for his inauguration as Governor.

    If chips are fresh made and not greasy, they are good, IMHO.

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      1. re: Cathy

        El Indio is absolutely the best chips in town. It has been there for almost 50 years. Best chips. No question.

      2. Can't vouch for anything in Old Town but Mama Testa's does some great fresh tortilla chips and salsas! Probably better than anything you'll get in Old Town!

        1. My vote for the best chips (make your own salsa) are Esperanza's, made in Escondido. Their flavor is completely different from others: heartier, deeper, "cornier." Their corn tortillas are also our favorite.

          1. My favorite by far is from El Nopalito in Encinitas. I get them at the fruit and flower stand on La Costa Blvd at Saxony since the main market location is recovering from a fire. Thick, supremely crunchy, and nicely salted. And pick up some Hot Cha salsa at the same time. (Caution: mild is actually hot by most standards.) Samples are at the counter.

            Tortilleria Los Reyes in Vista has some great chips also, and salsa too. Probably cheaper too, but my focus at the time was tamales, so I forgot to notice.

            1. I did make it to El Indio during our quick jaunt to San Diego. I was struck by how different the chips were there than the ones in Texas... much thicker, more highly seasoned. They were pretty tasty, especially with the salsa and guac. Not sure I'd make a special trip for them again, but they definitely satisfied my afternoon munchies.