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Dec 10, 2006 11:07 PM

Food Goals!

People have goals for their careers, personal lives, financial planning...what about goals about food? Long term, short term? Recently achieved goals?

Long term
1. To go to Madrid and eat some delicious pork dish at the Museo de Jamon.

2. To go back to Tino's in Westchester, NY and have an entire thin crust pizza all by myself.

3. To try these savory cookies at "Le Tulipe" bakery in Westchester.

4. Gorge on sushi, ie a trip to Todai or any quality all you can eat sushi joint

5. Go to Switzerland or Belgium and go on a chocolate factory tours and eat the free samples at the end.

6. To eat my way through the Minnesota and Iowa state fair, consuming at least 5 items on a stick at each fair. I was at the Missouri state fair 2 years ago and I couldn't get 2 items on a stick so I'm determined now!!

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  1. Good idea!

    1. Go back to Fresno where I grew up and eat at every old favorite til I drop.

    2. (Just did this last month) Go back to Laos and eat at every old favorite til I drop(ped).

    3. Go back to Fresno to eat at my cousin Elaine's res Dai Ichi.

    4. Go eat at the World Heritage site food night market in Fez.

    5. Have a week in Manhattan just to eat til I drop.

    6. Go back to visit relatives in Japan and have them feed me til I drop.

    7. Go back in time and space to eat my first wife's enchiladas,

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      The World Heritage food night market sounds like heaven on earth, gotta add that to the list...along with a pair of stretchy pants with elastic waistbands!

      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Japan....if I could go back, I'd love to chow around Iwakuni like I did 25 years ago. Fond, fond memories of food there. There was a little place called Cafe Juno that was a special dinner destination.


      2. I just want to make a spectacular croquembouche tower, complete with spun sugar, jawdroppingly gorgeous and meltingly delicious. That would be the grand oeuvre of my life.

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        1. re: amandine

          I didn't know what it was but a quick google search brought tears.

          I think seeing one and eating just a little piece would have to be #7 for me.

          1. re: vsoy

            Then you MUST see Sherry Yard's version... it shot me through the heart. Next time you are in a bookstore, look up Yard's "The Secrets of Baking", check the first set of color photographs, and the loveliest croquembouche you will ever see is the 7th picture there.

            1. re: vsoy

              Interesting, that article says they're one of the latest sister did a croquembouche instead of a wedding cake when she got 1972!

              One of my food goals is similar to choctastic's - I want to take a tour based around countries known for their chocolates, and to heck with dining out, the meals will be chocolate and more chocolate!

              Other goals - now I have to find out where Sam Fujisaka's favorite Fresno spots are (I'm in Fresno, obviously).

              Should-be-easier-than-it-is-goal - to find apples that aren't variations of those mealy overly sweet Delicious ones.

              Less enthusiastic goal - to give beets another chance. I do this every few far, I still can't stand 'em.

              1. re: Lisachocoholic

                have you tried the Pink Lady, Jonagold or Honeycrisp variety?

                Beets just might not be your thing - I'm the same way with turnips - no way to disguise the taste I just don't care for!

            2. re: amandine

              Mmmm, that sounds good. Kinda like an Italian Christmas specialty I've heard of... forget the name.

              My food goals: Eat at Chez Panisse, French Laundry, Inn at Little Washington, Sooke Harbor House, and Saint James. Turn my front yard into a potager. Get a chicken- for the eggs. Plant sugar maple trees. Make a timpano for a crowd. Spit roast a kid goat. Cook a pig in a hole in the ground. Make a drinkable batch of poteen.

              And find the recipe for the coconut layer cake my late Mom used to make.

              1. re: The Engineer

                whatever you do, go easy on the cayenne

            3. My food goals lately have been to try new recipes once a month. An old family recipe, a new dessert, etc. I try a new one a month.

              1. My goal for the past 7-8 years has been to knock off all or a majority (60%-ish) of the SF Chronicle's Top 100 restaurants. I never get past 45% because the list constantly changes and I just can't eat out twice a week at nicer places. Okay I could but it's just a goal.

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                1. re: ML8000

                  I just moved to the Bay Area and I'm trying to do the same thing!! Nice to know I'm not the only one.

                2. My food goal is to continue to encourage our 16 year old to try new foods, cuisines and restaurants. 2006 was a milestone year for foods he had NEVER tried. It helped with social situations and family meals...onward...a work in progress!