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Dec 10, 2006 10:53 PM

Restaurant Vero on Lee Highway in Arlington -- a Major Disappointment

We'd been watching them expand with curiosity, and every night they were full to the brim with diners -- and then there was a rave review in the Post -- and finally friday night we went there -- just horrible, one of the worst meals we've had at a restaurant. boring caesar salad -- pretentiously presented as "roasted lettuce" --- and then literally tasteless entrees -- a lamb shank and a pork chop that were beyond disapppointing. Seemed like they'd been cooking all day and yet they weren't even hot. The dominant flavor was.....old celery. The sweet potato side was horribly bitter. It was so yucky we couldn't really bring ourselves to finish. What a disappointment; we were hoping for a great neighborhood restaurant that would be special and welcoming.

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  1. that is indeed bad news, since I work close by. i wonder if the location of death currently occupied by Charley Horse Grille is emanating some sort of fatal virus that is creating a zone of death.

    1. IN MY OPINION _ The buzz is just "political". Just because a place gets advertisement and write ups, doesnt mean the food will be any good. I never intended to go. Personally, I look at the chef's credentials and/or exposure in order to judge wether his cooking is worth trying. I think this place is just a spin off of "catering". No harm in trying to make a neighborhood eatery but not where I want to spend my time and money. I can do that at home.

      1. We've been to the new restaurant twice so far and really really liked it...I frankly thought everything was much much better than the usual Arlington restaurants and found it to be moderate in price; very very good food; a reasonably priced wine list; excellent bar tender and also very pleasant wait staff. I really cannot believe that the writer who complained of bad food on a particular Saturday night was visting the same restaurant.
        Also, it was strong on each of the 2 nights we visited; one was for Valentine's Day evening and the other was for a Sauturday night. Both times, it was packed with a fun, well-dressed crowd and proved to us that Arlington is dying for more smart looking; great food; non-chain restaurants/ We heartily encourage readers to try this restaurant and for that writer to try again....Thanks- J. Williams

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          Hmmmm, busy on Valentines day night and a Saturday that comment and tell me if it sounds right. They should be packed on those nights and the writer said they went on a Friday night not a saturday night.

        2. One of the cooks there maintains a blog about his life as a chef having given up a succesful career in web development to go to culinary school and start cooking. I think you might find his perspective illuminating and perhaps you could share your criticism and praise. Check it out:

          1. I just came from having lunch there and was very pleased. My friend and I each had a cup of the cream of red pepper soup... delicious! She had the grilled vegetable sandwich and I had the housemade tarragon chicken salad sandwich, both of which were accompanied by a nice green salad with a housemade vinaigrette.

            We don't normally get a dessert, but they have their own pastry chef, and couldn't resist. We shared a rhubarb/strawberry crisp with a dollop of ice cream, decorated with fresh mint and a star-shaped cookie on top; it was a little work of art and mouth-watering.

            The prices were very reasonable and we would definitely return for lunch.