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Suggestions for Woodbury/Syosset (long Island)

I'm going to be living in Woodbury for about 6-8 months starting in January. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the immediate area. Chowish or not. We are going to be in a rental while work is done on our house and I'm trying to ease the stress a little for my wife by having some options available. I know the Indian places around Hicksville and futher afield in Huntington there are lot's of options. We pretty much like everything. I'm kind of looking for places right in or near Syosset and Woodbury.


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  1. It's a five minute ride from Woodbury, but how about La Piazza, corner of Old Country and Manetto Hill Roads in Plainview? Excellent, reasonably priced italian, casual, with a wood-burning oven to boot. Great pasta, meatball heroes, and pizza from that oven. Best pasta fagiole I've had. We drive about 1/2 hour to get there at least once a week for dinner.

    Also close is Ayhans Mediteranean, which is very good, 379 S Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview. Excellent salads, typical greek fare and really good falafel. Just about 1/4 mile south of the LIE. Huge place with a nice atmosphere.

    1. When we're in Syosset we always have to stop at Maneros Steakhouse, in the shopping center on corner of SOB Rd. Been gong there since the 60s, comfortable and great food (also have a prime butcher shop). They have lots of other stuff besides beef.

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        This is weird, I googled to make sure they were still there and looks like Newsday just reviewed them today Dec 11, but it won't let me copy. They changed their name to Fulton and Prime but says it's basically still the same, just upgraded the front of the house and added more fish dishes. Good to know for myself as well!

      2. I enjoyed Baang in the Woodbury Common shopping center on the corner of Jericho and Woodbury Road back in April. assume it is still there? It is not cheap and the attitude is a little cool but I enjoyed mny of the entrees.

        1. It's Greek to Me on Jackson Ave. in Syosset is good. Also in Syosset, Tsubo for Japanese, Rachael's Cafe for Italian and for inventive takeout I would try The Grey Turkey on Berry Hill Road. Welcome to the nabe.

          1. Thanks! These are great suggestions. I've been to La Piazza and since we will be living in Plainview (The house is ours but we haven't moved in yet) I could see that as a regular stop.

            We'll be off of Jericho during our stay and I'll be going from the Syosset Station (Hicksville after the move) so all these suggestions are great. I've been around the area, but haven't lived here in a long time. Moving back from the city. I wanted to get an idea of what's good rather than just what I've driven by.

            1. There is a brand new Italian Place at the corner of 107 and the LIE..Jericho/Syosset..not sure of the name but the same family as EMilio's in Commack and the La Villa's of Howard Beach and Mill Basin. Place is excellent and mid priced...The new now place so it can be a bit crowded but well worth the wait.

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                Are you thinking of Fanatico, which is on 107 just south of the LIE, in a little strip mall on the West side of the street? I know it's an Emilio place, but didn't know there was also a La Villa connection.

                Further south on 107, Chipotle Grill is opening up later this week.

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                  Yes it is and funny thing is I just came from Emilios and told him I was stumped on the name of the new location..yes the La Villa connection is family..Owned and operated by Emilios cousins aka the bracinelli family..New location is really going great guns and is fairly priced.

              2. Of course, Cardinali bakery in Syosset is killer. I also eat at Franina at the corner of Underhill and Jericho Tpk. I think Bagel Master near the Syosset train station has some of the best bagels around. It's the first place I ever saw Flagels (way before Bagel Boss) like 10 years ago- Of course they didn't call them flagels.

                The sandwich shop right there is good for lunch. You've also got Fairway and Trader Joe's fairly close by. You might want to go into Oyster Bay also since it's just up the road a piece.

                1. Coolfish on jericho tpke and Red Fish Grill on Woodbury rd (near s. oyster bay road) are both very good for a nice night out for dinner.

                  Near La Piazza, there is Hama for sushi...decent rolls. I prefer Yuki for their sushi/sashimi, but that is closer to Westbury.

                  The Orient is tops for Chinese, but is in Bethpage.

                  1. Tsubo, right in town in Syosset, has great sushi. Pasteria, in Hicksville, is also a good pizza place that also has seating inside and a huge menu. In Woodbury you also have Buteras...Mim's in Syosset, in town.

                    1. lots of good suggestions....

                      Second Bagel Master...possibly the best bagels on LI.

                      Don't bother with stop and shop on jericho tpke, it's the pits...go to Fairway.

                      Great sandwiches at Dugans, and good italian take out/catering/antipasto stuff at D'alessandros right in town, by the train station.

                      slightly farther afield, in Oyster Bay, are Wild Honey and Fiddleheads

                      1. There are two great options in the same strip mall right in Woodbury - Laguna Grille, and Butera's. I do not know the name of this strip mall but it's right on Jericho Turnpike (Rt 25) at the corner of Southwoods Road, across from the Towm of Oyster Bay golf course.

                        Laguna Grille has a Cuban menu and a fun casual atmosphere. The grilled shrimp and spinach quesadilla, or the seafood enchiladas are both very highly recommended.

                        Butera's is a contemporary style casual Italian place, it's a good place to if you like stuff like grilled chicken/fresh mozzarella/grilled veggies on focaccia bread. They have some nice pasta dishes also and everything is well prepared.

                        Just a little further west on Jericho is a Chinese restaurant called Empire Szechuan. I think they have three or four locations on Long Island, and while I think it's maybe a little above average I know other people who really like it a lot.

                        Also on Jericho in that Syosset/Woodbury area, near the Fox Hollow Country Club, is an offshoot of the original Stresa in Manhasset. I have never been to Stresa East, but Stresa is one of the very best restaurants on all of Long Island.

                        1. These are great suggestions! I'm going to go and pick up some menu's prior to the move in a few weeks. Once we are settled, I plan on trying many of these and will report back.

                          A lot them are right near where we will be living. (In woodbury off of Jericho Turnpike, near the 135) I was thinking for general shopping (other than fairway or trader joes's), to use Shoprite Since we will ultimatly end up in Plainview sometime next year(the way construction goes, I'm hoping next year!!), it could become our "regular" supermarket.

                          1. Sounds like someone's renting in Fairhaven... :) Not much in the way of "foodie" choices, but some decent chow to be found. Forgive my repeats of places already mentioned but here are some thoughts:

                            Butera's (Jericho Tpk @ South Woods Rd). I used to be a fan, but I found that they've slipped into "large portion of eh Italian food" land. Still okay, but worse than they used to be. Not sure they are any better than La Piazza in Plainview which also offers a good selection of more casual eats (as does Pasteria, S Oyster Bay Rd @ Woodbury Rd/next to Staples).

                            Laguna Grille. Next to Buteras, I like the spanish-infused menu. Reasonable casual.

                            Grafitti, in Woodbury Common/Woodbury Rd @ Jericho Tpke is a good casual bistro.

                            For chinese, IMHO it's all the same dreck and I keep to it for takeout only.

                            Mim's, mentioned above in the village of Syosset, is probably the best bistro around, though I prefer the Roslyn location's setup.

                            Tsubo, also mentioned above in the village, has been around forever and is good for old school Japanese. The best Japanese in the area, IMHO, however, is Nagashima, on Jericho Turnpike just west of the Home Depot in Jericho/Westbury. Ken does a really excellent job. Less expensive, but decent is Robata Grill on Old Country Road east of La Piazza/Manetto Hill Road.

                            Baang, mentioned above, is right next door. With the caveat that I haven't been there in a while, I'll say that I found it a wanna-be Manhattan restaurant that doesn't hit the mark. High prices, small portions and pretentious atmosphere. Could suit the bill for some occasions.

                            Sarge's Deli, Jericho Tpke just west of S Oyster Bay Rd/Jackson Avenue. As good as Manhattan and probably the best choice in the area, although Ben's Deli (Jericho Tpke just east of Southwoods Rd) a popular choice.

                            Coolfish, in the Syosset Atrium office complex west of the Syosset Home Depot and east of Robbins Lane is excellent for upscale seafood.

                            Redfish down Woodbury road near S Oyster Bay Road has a nice atmosphere and varied menu. IMHO is a bit overpriced for dinner, though.

                            The popular Ayhan's Shishkebob does a good job with pan-Mediterranean in a pleasant cas atmosphere at reasonable prices (beats the diner any day of the week), but a real foodie Turkish place would be further afield in Mediterranean Kitchen on Post Avenue in the village of Westbury.

                            Mario's Pizza, Jericho @ S Oyster Bay Rd, next to Manero's/Fulton and Prime is good for the basics if you right there.

                            The Korean place between Manero's and Mario's is also a find.

                            There's actually decent Thai to be had in the area. Jai Ya on Old Country Road just west of Broadway in Hicksville is a branch of the excellent Elmhurst restaurant. Not quite as good but a little closer is a small place on the stretch of Woodbury road between S Oyster Bay Road and the train track overpass in Hicksville.

                            Up Woodbury Road in Huntington village, you have the most extensive selection of restaurants in the area. For very good hole-in-the-wall-ish Mexican try Oaxaca (though the best is even more hole-in-the-wallish gem Fonda Coyoacan further down Rt 110), Canterbury Ales for pub food, Bistro Cassis (like the Manhattan one), Jonathan's for upscale italian, Off the Wall for upscale casual fusion, Blue Honu for a "scene"... Good place to walk around, too, as the area has in recent years really seen a revitalization.

                            As far as the supermarket goes, it's too easy to jump on the 135 for one exit to the Northern State to visit Fairway to have to put up with the Stop & Shop near you... Just do it -- you'll thank yourself.

                            Okay, this post wound up being a lot longer than I thought it would be... Hope this helps!

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                              Funny, when I lived in Woodbury, I was at Fairhaven :)

                              Not that I have been to the area in about 4 years, but I loved Graffiti (good sized portions and great serivce). I was not impressed by Baang at all (they were trying WAY too hard and portions WERE tiny)...
                              Gabby's for bagels, flagels and chopped salads---YUM! Also, Ben's Deli was down the street.

                              I liked Butera's (never a bad meal) and was not too fond of Laguna Grill (too loud whenever I was there). The Korean place was great but I was not fond of Coolfish. Coolfish has great ambiance but the food was only mediocre.

                              And I miss Fairway.....sigh...

                            2. Whole Foods on east side 106/107 just south of Jericho Tpk. Didn't Sarge's close (again)?

                              1. Yup Fairhaven, since the house is in Plainview and we want to keep track of the work, it's the only logical choice in the area.
                                From my last trip, I think I heard Sarge's did close.

                                Thanks Mrjosh and LW It's been awhile since I've actually lived on LI. Family is in Melville and Bethpage but have different tastes than us. Everyone's suggestions have been great, and I'm really thankful for all the responses. slightly off topic, anything I should know about Fairhaven? From what I have seen, for the lenght of time I'll be there (a year or less) it seems fine.

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                                  To keep on the food topic, I also enjoyed Empire Szechuan for chinese. On Jericho, slightly East, on the same side was a Greek place in a strip mall. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name but it was decent. To answer your question, Fairhaven, while overpriced, was a decent place to stay. Felt more like a townhouse than apt complex. You are in a excellent location for some great food. I can't think of a type of food that is not within 5 miles....

                                2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Cafe Testarossa. It was the site of our office holiday party last week and we all had a great time. I had the BEST fish entree I have ever had in a restaurant!

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                                    Gosh, you know I didn't even realize that place still existed. That was probably the first "cool" restaurant around yeaaaaaaaars ago. Which is also the last time I've heard of anyone going there :) Good to know you that you really enjoyed it!

                                  2. The other side of the 135 from Fairhaven is the Hidden Ridge group of stores. The deli is excellent, the pizzeria is good and the Chinese take out is fine. Never ate in the restaurant, Aladdin (I think).

                                    1. The Korean place in the Blockbuster center has gone. Aladdin is good.I had a superb grilled red snapper at an early bird there about a year ago. Almost up to Greek Astoria places.

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                                        About the korean place, I thought it was still open,we were in the area a couple of weeks ago and there were people inside. There was a korean place across the street that was in the old eddie's pizza place (It looks like some Italian deli now) I looked up Aladdin and it looks good, but not all greek. Some of the dishes are Persian, which looks good. I know we will be trying this place right away!

                                      2. Aladdin! That's the Greek place I was thinking of! Excellent food both to eat in and take out. The pizza place by there isn't Emilio's (MMMMMMM...Emilio's) but it's very good.

                                        1. No one has mentioned Bistro Cassis -- which has recently come to the plainview shopping center on woodbury rd/south oyster bay road. We are blessed with fabulous food!

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                                            Actually, the Plainview branch is called Brasserie Cassis; Bistro Cassis is the one in Huntington village.

                                            My personal favorite place here in town.

                                          2. Pasteria, on South Oyster Bay and Woodbury Rd (SW corner) next to Staples is very good. Pizzeria up front and restaurant in the back. It is owned by the owner of Emilio's and has excellent food and good prices. Great rolls, pasta e fagioli, salads and salad pizza. Many other more substantial dishes.