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Dec 10, 2006 10:44 PM

Suggestions for Woodbury/Syosset (long Island)

I'm going to be living in Woodbury for about 6-8 months starting in January. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the immediate area. Chowish or not. We are going to be in a rental while work is done on our house and I'm trying to ease the stress a little for my wife by having some options available. I know the Indian places around Hicksville and futher afield in Huntington there are lot's of options. We pretty much like everything. I'm kind of looking for places right in or near Syosset and Woodbury.


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  1. It's a five minute ride from Woodbury, but how about La Piazza, corner of Old Country and Manetto Hill Roads in Plainview? Excellent, reasonably priced italian, casual, with a wood-burning oven to boot. Great pasta, meatball heroes, and pizza from that oven. Best pasta fagiole I've had. We drive about 1/2 hour to get there at least once a week for dinner.

    Also close is Ayhans Mediteranean, which is very good, 379 S Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview. Excellent salads, typical greek fare and really good falafel. Just about 1/4 mile south of the LIE. Huge place with a nice atmosphere.

    1. When we're in Syosset we always have to stop at Maneros Steakhouse, in the shopping center on corner of SOB Rd. Been gong there since the 60s, comfortable and great food (also have a prime butcher shop). They have lots of other stuff besides beef.

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        This is weird, I googled to make sure they were still there and looks like Newsday just reviewed them today Dec 11, but it won't let me copy. They changed their name to Fulton and Prime but says it's basically still the same, just upgraded the front of the house and added more fish dishes. Good to know for myself as well!

      2. I enjoyed Baang in the Woodbury Common shopping center on the corner of Jericho and Woodbury Road back in April. assume it is still there? It is not cheap and the attitude is a little cool but I enjoyed mny of the entrees.

        1. It's Greek to Me on Jackson Ave. in Syosset is good. Also in Syosset, Tsubo for Japanese, Rachael's Cafe for Italian and for inventive takeout I would try The Grey Turkey on Berry Hill Road. Welcome to the nabe.

          1. Thanks! These are great suggestions. I've been to La Piazza and since we will be living in Plainview (The house is ours but we haven't moved in yet) I could see that as a regular stop.

            We'll be off of Jericho during our stay and I'll be going from the Syosset Station (Hicksville after the move) so all these suggestions are great. I've been around the area, but haven't lived here in a long time. Moving back from the city. I wanted to get an idea of what's good rather than just what I've driven by.