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Dec 10, 2006 10:44 PM

Christmas Dinner in MLPS?

My husband and I are new to the twin cities and will be in town for Christmas. Any suggestions for nice restuarants open on the 25th? Thanks-

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  1. Welcome! I'm not sure what you mean by "nice," but, for great food, you might watch Little Szechuan's website to see if they re-open by Christmas, and, are in fact, open on Christmas Day. It's on University Ave. in St. Paul.


    1. Cosmos at the Graves 601 hotel is open on Christmas, although I believe they only have a special fixed menu. It's worth considering if you want a delicious and fancy meal in very stunning, design-oriented surroundings.

      1. Though neither of us are Jewish, we stick with the tradition of Chinese on Christmas day. We have found the duck at Ping's fits the bill - not too expensive, casual enough to fit a holiday laid back vibe, and it's actually pretty good duck.

        That said, we'll probably look into the Graves rec above if we're actually here this year, instead of in Houston.

        1. The Lexington in St. Paul is open on Christmas eve - not sure about Christmas day. It's a good place if you want ultra-traditional American classics in a swanky atmosphere.