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Dec 10, 2006 10:44 PM

Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills

Visited Dec. 9th, 06. The worst service I have experienced in a LONG time. Server identified only as #7 on bill, when I asked his name he refused. When our party complained to the manager, we had to point at him to identify.

1. Took over 15 minutes to get the table's drink order.
2. Table seated after us was served their drinks, had their order taken, and received their meal before we received drinks and bread on our table.
3. Orders for three people did not arrive together, when third order finally showed up, it was cold.
4. Waiter made eye contact and then approached our table, but deliberately stopped at the next table on the way and turned his back on our table while he refilled their drinks.
5. Next, instead of attending to our table, he went in a different direction to an empty table to pick up his tip. Then he continued to ignore us.
6. He had a busboy deliver the bill to our table.

It was at this point that one of our party went to the manager. She didn't even listen and didn't even offer an apology. I have never had anyone be this deliberately rude for no apparent reason and without any provocation. Clearly the waiter's actions are condoned by management at this establishment.

As for the food it was, well, edible, but nothing special, and definitely not worth putting up with the la of service.

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  1. I eat at Il Pastaio all the time and have never experienced anything but friendly, professional service and wonderful food.

    1. Il Pastaio has always been decent food for a semi reasonable price and so far we've never had a problem with service.

      1. Perhaps you could call and ask for Guacomino? The Drago family cares a lot about their clientele and it shows through their presence in the restaurants and kitchens.

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          Thank you, I will try to get in touch with Guacomino, even if just to inform him of my experience. Judging by the unanimous support of this restaurant by the responses, I may have experienced a bad moment on a bad day when I visited. Perhaps the over-exagerated italian accent wasn't completely falsified after all. Still, I don't think I could in good conscience recommend that anyone go there. Il Fornaio down the street has comparable food at comparable prices and never had such an attitude.

            1. re: jcwla

              Yes, typo before: Giacomino Drago

              1. re: chica

                "Guacomino" would be a great new name for the (virtually) avocado-less Kraft Dip, though.

        2. Il Pastaio has always been top notch in every way. I've been going there for at least 10 years. Recently was a guest at a birthday party held there and it could not have been nicer.