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Dec 10, 2006 10:38 PM

My neighborhood Chinese restaurant...(in Chapel HIll)

Hunam on MLK gives banquets for ethnically Chinese people!! there was a little girl's b-day the other day, little girl was speaking Chinese so I'm guessing her parents know what real Chinese food is.
what i've had from their "real Chinese" menu so far: shrimp chow fun in a light white sauce w/bok choy and mushrooms, sliced pork and tofu stir fry w/some vegetables, and good bok choy...these were all really good. so I haven't exactly tested everything out but I though the fact htat it gives banquets is promising!

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  1. Hmmm, I'm not Chinese, but I am Asian and I have an idea about what "real Chinese" food is...I do not think Hunam qualifies as real Chinese food, it's pretty Americanized and caters to the non-ethnic population...I've eaten there several times, and I've never liked it...true, it's better than most Chinese you could get in the area. And the parents might have decided to have the party there because it's one of the few Chinese places in town.

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      I'm not Chinese, not Asian even, but I do know something about Chinese food - I lived in Shandong province for two years and in Taipei for a year. Since you know about real Chinese food, what is your take on the following: China Palace (more authentic menu, i.e. chow fun, fish congee on weekends), Eastern Lights (mostly noodle dishes & a few other "authentic" dishes)? China One? I know they do banquets as well - I think several Chinese restaurants in the area are willing to prepare real Chinese food for banquets. I've never done that myself, but have always wanted to. Have you? I live near MLK - where on MLK is Hunam? I've never seen it.

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        I lived in NYC for 5 years, and practically lived in flushing and NY's chinatown in terms of eating out. I have more than the average taste in "real Chinese." my point is that, given the paucity of options, especially in CH, I was happy to see a Chinese banquet taking place. also the above mentioned items are much better than average and are not prepared to american-glop specifications.

        Anyway, if you live in CH, especially down the road from this place, it is a find.