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Dec 10, 2006 10:36 PM

Texture/Quality of Cuts of Meat

This is a pretty dumb question . . . .

But is there an easy source to find out the texture/quality of different cuts of beef?

I just never know if the cut I'm buying (sirloin v. chuck roast v. ?) is going to be really tender or all grissle.

I'm making teriyaki kababs out of sirloin. Is this a good use of this cut - or is there a cheaper cut that results in the same quality of kabab?

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  1. sirloin is probably the perfect choice for kebabs. you wouldn't want anything much more tender, because it would be a waste to chop it up into chunks, and you wouldn't want to marinate things which are more tender than sirloin. sirloin is also not tough like, for example, chuck or eye of round. it's probably middle of the pack in terms of tenderness, or maybe a bit more tender than middle of the pack, if that makes any sense.

    1. This is the perfect use of sirloin, IMO. It's often a bit too tough to count as the best of steaks, but has nice flavor and responds well to a nice long marinating, which will soften it a bit.

      I'm a rib-eye man myself. Or a t-bone/porterhouse. Love that bone.

      There's a lot of info out there on steaks and other cuts of meat. A google search should help you nicely.

      1. See if you can find Aidell's and Kelly's The Complete Meat Book. They will explain in good but understandable even easy for ADD's to understand language about the different cuts and different animals.

          1. The easiest source is a good, friendly butcher. The ones I've used love to talk meat. Their meat is always better anyway, and you can get all the free advice you want. It's worth the extra money.