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Dec 10, 2006 10:01 PM

LCB Brasserie Rachou has given up on cooking?

I visited LCB Brasserie Rachou last night after reading some positive comments on this message board. After eating there I wonder if the writers were somehow connected to the restaurant.
My Quenelles were a little old, which the heavy not freshly prepared (frozen and microwaved?) sauce did nothing to help. My Cassoulet tasted of nothing. It seemd as if it had been poorly prepared, refrigerated for five days, frozen, thawed and reheated. One of my dishes contained mushrooms that tasted sliced, cooked and canned. My wife's seafood dish was not good (she told me; I decided against trying it since it was sitting in the same sauce as did my quenelles, and, I trusted her. I did not stay for dessert. My wine was delicious; but, I picked it myself.

I would be very interested to hear the views of any foodies who have been there recently.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you found the food at LCB Brasserie so disappointing. We had some of the dishes you mentioned, and your descriptions sound nothing like the excellent versions we had. Though our dinner was in May of '05, I have heard nothing to indicate that things have changed, so I've continued to recommend it. Until we hear from other Hounds who have dined there more recently, we won't know if your experience was an aberration or chef/owner Jean-Jacques Rachou's cuisine has gone seriously downhill.

    1. I have eaten here twice, but not recently. Both times we had good meals. However, I have friends who have eaten here within the last four months and had a similar experience to vinominer. I feel they are very reliable critics.

      1. My brother and I - in town for a couple of meetings - had lunch at LCB Brasserie on Wednesday, December 13, 2006. My habit is to ask the wait staff at good places to bring me what they think I'd like - and the people at LCB Brasserie did wonderfully. I had a magnificent soup, fine veal, foie gras that was magnificent. The service was attentive without being stifling. The folks were proud of their place and their food and it was one of the best two or three lunches I've had this year. The idea that they've forgotten how to cook - in my experience - is preposterous.

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          I would guess that they did not cook the foie gras (which I tasted at my dinner there; and, it was good, but not magnificent. I wish you success at your next visit. I would not return even for a free meal, unless it was accompanied by an explanation for my experience.

        2. I was there twice last year and once this year. 3 strikes and they're out.