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Dec 10, 2006 09:07 PM

Sligo Pub--still open? Just how foul is it?

Do they serve any grub, or is it just cheap beer?

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  1. Sligo is still open and has been spruced up a bit on the outside. It may smell a bit better inside, too, now that smoking is prohibited. Last time I was there was a few years ago (pre-smoking ban) and they didn't serve food then, unless you count the little bags of chips that they sold at the bar.

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    1. re: phoebek

      The Sligo is one of the only bar that IMO smelled better before the smoking ban.

      That aside... it's a fun place with cheap drinks.

    2. they have a full liquor license, so you can enjoy hard stuff in addition to cheap beer.
      they don't have a kitchen, so no food (aside from the chips phoebek mentioned).

      so basically, it's just for drinking.

      but if you eat at Anna's across the street beforehand, you've got dinner and drinks for less than $10 ... that's something.

      1. It is a fine example of a dive bar. Please feel free to patronize. It is the only such animal still left in Davis and it would be a sham(e) if we were forced to drink at the Burn and JT.

        1. It's also an overflow place for the Burren, so occasionally you have Tufts students and Harvard folks there. But yes, it's basically a classic dive bar. The "fight a night" era at Sligo is pretty much over, though.

          1. Cheap, cheap beer. I believe the guiness drafts are now $3.25.