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Pres a Vi

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We wanted to try, and wanted to really like, Pres a Vi. My BF lives in the Presidio, so the locaton in Letterman is really convenient. And we did, sort of, like it.

They will work out the reservations kinks -- showed as sold out on OpenTable so we accepted a 5:30 res for Saturday night. They called to confirm and he asked for a later time so they said they could give us 5:45. When we finished dinner around 7:00 there were still plenty of open tables, I think as they get more experienced they will manage that better. They are clearly staffed to be full, our waiter had little to do other than hover over us, and there are staffers everywhere looking fairly idle.

The food is "global cuisine" and small plates -- a good number $10 and under, the most was $18. We spent more than we needed to ($168) as we wanted to try the wine flights.

The fresh lumpia was okay, needed more sauce but ingredients were impeccable; grilled persimmons-dungeness crab salad was really interesting -- not sure I've ever had grilled persimmons before, and they contrasted nicely with the crab; oxtail-chantrelle mushroom ravioli was tasty; tempura santa barbara uni with unagi risotto sounded more interesting than it was (Ozumo's uni risotto spoiled us); baked kumomoto oysters were really good if not subtle; duck buns of shredded peking duck were good but not fabulous. We had a mexican chocolate thing for dessert that also was good.

The restaurant is gorgeous and well designed -- although a big place, each eating area is intimate, and the acoustics are good - you can actually have a conversation, and I think that will be true even when it fills up. It was pouring so we made the mistake of the parking valet -- you can self-park in the garage for $6 and get your car faster, and more competently, than the $10 valet.

We'll be back, because of location and breadth of choices. But it's not fabulous yet.

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  1. Thanks for your report I am curious and will try

    1. I doubt it's a reservation kink. Most places that just open (if they're smart) limit the amount of guest they'll take the first week so that they don't overwhelm the staff.

      1. Went on Saturday night and LOVED it. Great wine -- ordered a flight of Savingnon Blanc (fun to order a flight). Baked oysters with corn and peccorrino cheese were off the charts. Also tasty: ahi tuni, shrimp, beef in lettuce cups. Amazing location, great look/feel to the place. Only a matter of time before you won't be able to get a reservation. To that end, I called same day and wasn't able to get a reservation for 2 until 9:00pm. Hmmm. Went to OpenTable.com and was able to get one at 7:00pm. A bit weird ...

        1. I posted something on this thread before...where did it go???

          Anyway, we went to Pres a Vi a few weeks ago. It was very dissapointing. First, the plates are very small, and the bill adds up pretty quickly. The food was terrible for the price as well. We tried 8 different dished between the 4 of us and none were specatacular or even good. The serrano ham croquettes tasted as if they had been fried in year old oil, and, they was harly no ham at all. The 'mac 'n cheese' with crab had no flavor at all. You couldn't taste the cheese, the crab, or even the noodles. I was very underwhelmed by the whole experience, especially for $60/person.