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Dec 10, 2006 08:17 PM

Asian Food in Charleston

A friend and I have regular lunches where we sometimes follow a theme. We have just started on Asian food in the Charleston area. Does anyone have any great suggestions to add to our list of targets? We started at Pho Bac in Mt. Plesant (delicious!) and will be hitting Basil Thai (King Street), the Golden Dragon (Daniel Island), The Emperor something or other (across from Citadel Mall), Pattaya (Mt. Pleasant) and Kim Long (North Charleston).

There is a lot of bad Asian in the area, so any other decent quality suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'm guessing you mean Dragon Palace on Daniel Island?

    I'd also recommend Palais de Jade in Mt. Pleasant. This is probably the most authentic Chinese restaurant in the area. You can get a really delicious Peking duck dinner for 2 there if you order 24 hours in advance, but I'm not sure if this is available for lunch or not. Also, Nirlep (Indian food) in West Ashley is good. Though not open for dinner, Chai's (downtown) is one of my favorite Asian places. It is owned by the same people who own Basil, and it specializes in Asian fusion tapas.

    I haven't found a Japanes restaurant in the area that rises above the typical sushi bar/teryaki place level of cuisine, so if you scout one out, please post your findings.

    1. I did mean Dragon Palace... thanks. I love Nirlep, but think we are limiting this round of lunches to Oriental Asian and are not including the subcontinent (but, we may take this detour quite happily). I have not heard of Palais de Jade and look forward to trying it out. I am not aware of any notable Japanese restaurants, although the sushi at Rue de Jean (go figure) is acclaimed. Thanks.

      1. The sushi at Tsunami in Mt. Pleasant is really, really good!

        1. Thanks, we eat sushi at Tsunami downtown a lot, but have never tried any of the other menu items.

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            The Oriental Garden in Mt. Pleasant (on Coleman) has the best sushi in Charleston. The decor leaves something to be desired, but for fresh fish it has never disappointed.

          2. I have to second the Oriental Garden. Hands down best sushi (Rue De Jean is a close second), although you wouldn't think it by looking at the building! Also, the Duck at Basil is to die for. I have to say....Dragon Palace on Daniel Island is not as good as the take out chinese on Long Point Rd.

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              Just came back from Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. We had a nice meal at Pho Bac in Mt. Pleasant and am happy to say the food was delicious (especially the grilled pork with vermicelli and the iced coffee). In contrast we did also make it to Pattaya in Mt. Pleasant and it was a complete disappontment - mediocre, over-priced Thai food (the kind where a basil stir fry for $17, has 6 small pieces of chicken with a plate full of onions, green peppers, etc. - you get the idea) with surly service. Best to avoid Pattaya!

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                Pho Bac has moved to 7671 Northwoods Blvd Suite J, North Charleston it locates between Saigon Market and Lady's Choice Fitness 843-863-8552

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                  Kim Long was just renamed Pho Bac. Kim Long and Pho Bac were owned by the same family. Pho Bac did not, unfortunately, survive in Mt. Pleasant and they seem to have retreated to the Kim Long site in North Charleston -- choosing Pho Bac as the surviving name.

                  I ate there last week and had delicious Pho Ga and an excellent Vietnamese egg roll.

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                    And, by the way, the hands down winner for Chinese food in the Charleston area is Red Orchids in West Ashley. Pho Bac wins for Vietnamese.

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                      The sushi restaurant that took the place of Pho Bac is really good. I went the first week they were open and it was half price; so of course I ordered three times what I should have. It was all so good.

                      I agree with Red Orchids. The food is very good plus they have a very decent wine selection and the only place to have a sake selection. The owner is very passionate about sake.

                      There is a new Vietnamese restaurant where Emperors Garden was across from Citadel Mall. Not the best I have had but still pretty good. They are trying to have mostly authentic food but I guess it is hard to appeal to everyone. The waitress and I had a conversation about how everyone wants a "number four." "Number four" is not food. We agreed that he who invented sweet & sour chicken should be shot.

                      Jasmine on James Island is nothing if not a good deal. Cheap and huge portions. Not the most consistant though. Three of us ate there yesterday and two of the dishes were wonderful while one was very bland like it had missed some stage in the process. They are one of the only places in charleston that have chili paste as a condiment. Everyone else serves chili oil with the dried flakes that I find disgusting. The chili paste only gets better the older it gets. So much more flavor than just flakes.