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Dec 10, 2006 08:09 PM

[DFW] Best Dinner Rolls in Dallas?

I'm in search of the best dinner rolls in Dallas (somewhere in the north suburbs would be most convenient).

I need to bring some to a couple dozen holiday gathering in the next few weeks, and I haven't found what I'm looking for at supermarket bakeries.

Any suggestions for bakeries (or restaurants that wouldn't mind takeout) that have superb rolls?


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  1. Are you looking for yeast rolls? Hard rolls?

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    1. re: Kirk

      Sorry about not specifing. I'm searching for yeast rolls, in particular.


    2. Check out Stein's Bakery at Preston Valley shopping center (Preston just south of 635). If you call them ahead of time, they will package them to your specs.

      1. I'had good luck getting these kinds of rolls at Black Eyed Pea. Make sure you call in advance.

        1. i like black-eyed pea, too. i have another suggestion which is offbeat but: the rolls (and pretty much all of the bread products) at SuperTarget are surprisingly good. i might have dismissed them previously but ever since they brought in par-baked bread items from LaBrea Bakery (in Calif), it forced me to take a second look at their entire bakery deal (which is mostly not-LaBrea), and while it's not A+ greatness, it's pretty decent.

          1. Celebration has good roles as well to go.

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              Celebration has my favorite restaurant rolls. I could make a meal out of them.