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Dec 10, 2006 07:47 PM

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Just returned from a day of shopping at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and all the food was cold, service slow and not very good. Any suggestions for something better next time around? Thanks!

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  1. No real stand outs, but we often eat at Stir Crazy. You have the option of creating your own wok meal. You pick out the vegetables, protein, noodles and sauce yourself and the cooks cook it in a wok in front of you. They have a regular menu which is adequate, but we like the other option better. It's also considerably healthier than most of the food at that mall. It's located on the top level.

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      1. Fatburger in the food court. Closest thing to In-N-Out in the tristate area. Cheaper than a trip to California...

        1. I like Fox Sports Grill. It's an upscale sports bar. The food is similar to Cheesecake Factory's, but much better, and better service/atmosphere as well.

          1. Aroma D'Italia, on the ground floor just outside Bed, Bath and Beyond, has very good salads and light meals, but it can feel a little uncomfortable sitting right out there in the mall, rather than in an enclosed restaurant.

            Another option that gets you out of the dreaded mall environment is East, a Japanese restaurant on either the third or fourth floor (sorry, can't remember which) toward the east end (Macy's/Lord & Taylor) end of the mall.

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              The Italian place you mentioned also has great gelato!

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                Hi J, East is on the 4th floor, going towards Target. If you passed Chilli's you have gone too far.

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                  It appears that the location next to Bed Bath and Beyond is going to be an Italian place again. There is a sign for something called Giovanni Rana, which I know from their packaged pasta. It claims to be a ravioli place so I assume it is the same company.

                  I miss the picture of the couples dressed up in their formal wear to go to the mall.

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                    I saw that too. I wonder if it will be a restaurant too. I can't imagine folks buying fresh pasta to take home from the mall. Most of the time you don't go straight home afterwards. Maybe they will sell bags to keep the stuff fresh in. Now that you mention it I miss that silly wall as well, always gave me a laugh.

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                      I think it will be a cafe, probably like the Italian place that was there before. There was a URL on the sign but I did not write it down. The Giovana Rana site does not seem to have anything about restaurants on it, or at least not that I found.

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                        The URL of the new pasta place that's opening downstairs is . Looks like this will be their first restaurant in the US. Here's a picture of the sign.

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                          The Giovanni Rana place is open. They charge $5-10 (most are $8) for assorted raviolis and other pastas. The ravioli is not made fresh, they have it in the prepacked stuff you get in the supermarket (although the guy I spoke to said they get fresh shipments weekly and it is never frozen). The sauces are made fresh on site. It seems like they're supposed to have a self-service ordering station, but it was not working when I stopped by.