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Dec 10, 2006 07:46 PM

Prime Meats at Costco?

I'm thinking about doing a standing rib roast for a special dinner. Does Costco carry this kind of meat?

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  1. It's not prime, it's choice but it's very good at an excellent price. I buy all of my meat there. Rib steaks with fingerling potatoes for dinner tonight, yum

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      Do they carry large cuts like rib roasts?

    2. Yes, from time to time. Usually around the holidays they have them. I was in one yesterday, they had bone-in rib roasts, 3-4, maybe 5 bone. Also whole tenderloins, etc.

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        Thanks. We have no Costco close to where I live, but one just opened close to where we have a home in Colorado where we will be for the holidays. I've never even been inside one, but have heard good things on this board. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks again.

      2. I have ocassionally seen costco display Prime rib roasts alongside choice rib roasts, of course at an increased price. Ask the meat cutter there if and when

        1. Sorry I accidently hit post before I finished. Ask the meat cutter if and when they will have the Prime graded rib roasts in.

          1. Costco's contracts with their meat suppliers specify "choice or better" for a contracted price.
            Every now and then, when a supplier runs out of choice, they have to substitute prime. Costco puts their label (and price) on it as if it were choice, so if you have the time, you can check the purple grading stamps on each and every roast...if you see 'prime' and the price tag says 'choice', you've got a bargain piece of meat.