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Best Ribs in NYC area

Which Kosher resturaunt serves the best ribs in the NYC area?

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  1. Ah,the good old days of shmulka bernstein and the grand deli. these days I have to say dougies has the best.

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        when Dougies had the one store they would marinate the ribs for a few days in their sauce.

        now they just slop on the sauce, cook it and serve it

        1. re: berel

          Too bad, it's called barbecue, but it ain't the real thing.

          Craig Winchell

      2. Yo, I take it you're talkin' about short ribs, not spare ribs?

          1. Dougie's may win by default. Short ribs are a different animal, imo, and not really my cup of tea, but Mike's are pretty good.

            1. Hands down best ribs are at Estihana. Very beefy, a bit too sweet and sticky of a sauce, but tons of meat for your money and very succulent and tender. Beg to be eaten with the hands (not date food). They often sell out later in the night so make sure to order early.

              1. Good call, Adeena. I haven't been there in awhile, but I still remember the first time I had them--New Year's Eve, 1997 (?)--being very impressed.

                1. Are they as good at Estihana in Brooklyn as in Manhattan?

                  1. supprisingly noahs ark in teaneck has very good ribs

                    1. I think it depends if you like salty or sweet. I prefer sweet and I think the best ribs are at Shang Chai in Brooklyn. They use veal ribs instead of beef so they are extra tender (also a bit more fatty, but let's face it, if you want to eat healthy, you probably should not be eating ribs). This is also the only (kosher) restaurant I know that serves ribs on its all-you-can-eat buffet night.

                      1. Have you tried Smoky Joe's in Teaneck? Or one of the Carlos and Gabby's places in the area (Riverdale, KGH, 5towns)?

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                          I had a REAL good Short Rib at Mike's Bistro on the UWS--- Fantastic!!!

                          (also the Duck Gnocchi was AWESOME---but I digress...)

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                            The short ribs at Mike's are fantastic. They used to be in a barbeque glaze, but I've had the new version also and both were great.

                            Duck goncchi... yum.. husband's favorite dish. Not on the menu, but they will make it in an entree size if you ask.

                        2. Dougies BBQ has great ribs...and their spicy sauces really kick things up a notch

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                              maybe 15 years ago when they were on the UWS in the days they'd marinate the ribs for a week. now their franchises just slop on the sauce right before cooking