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Dec 10, 2006 06:58 PM

Mozza Lasagna - anyone tried it?

Sorry about the Mozza post - I know you all are sick of seeing them.

But...we're going tonight for the 1st time and I just saw that the Sunday special is Lasagna. Have any of you had it? I rarely find lasagna to be revelatory, but also don't want to miss out on something special.

Other than that question, we plan on trying squash blossoms, chicken liver bruscette, lardo pizza and butterscotch pudding. We'll probably get one or two other pizzas - thoughts on the broccoli, salami or egg/guanciale pies?


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  1. We thought the lasagne was very good--not cheap, though, at $18--we had a small taste while it was fresh & took the rest home to split later, and it held up to that reheat.

    I tried a pizza with some of Mario's Dad's salumi; it was a special that day & delicious. The sausage & onion pizza was also good.

    1. Went to Mozza yeasterday afternoon with the SO. Walked in without a reservation and was seated at the pizza bar in a few minutes (granted it was only 4:50, but still, the waiting area filled up fast after that). We split an order of the chicken liver bruscetta (salty but tasty). I had the clam/garlic pizza (so much garlic, I love it. Not sure what my coworkers will think today.) and she had the Sunday special lasagna. The lasagna serving is cut from a large dish and placed on a chrome plate to be heated in the pizza oven. The only thing the pizza oven did was blacken a top edge of the lasagna. It was served to her tepid. I tasted it and thought it would benefit from more heat, but didn't ask because I didn't want it blackened further. As for the taste, it was pretty good, but didn't feel there was much value at $18. In the future, I will stick to the recipe handed down from my grandma.