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Can we get lobster rolls in ME in October?

Will be in Brunswick, ME Oct 10-13. Are any places open where we can get lobster rolls?

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  1. B R U N S W I C K D I N E R

    1. any other suggestions in the area that will be open in october?

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        If you are really talking about October 2007 (i.e. 10 months in future) there should be plenty available. Many lobster shacks stay open through Columbus Day.

        I recommend searching this site for "Lobster Rolls" and narrow by geography. I will specifically mention Haraseeket Lunch in So. Freeport.

        If no lobster shacks, or you are looking for more "indoor" dining, Broad Arrow Tavern in Freeport and Mae's Cafe in Bath come to mind.

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          Columbus Day is October 8. I changed our dates so we will be in ME on Oct 7-10; better chance of finding lobster shacks open,

      2. Bob's Clam Hut - open all year round, in kittery near the outlets- excellent jumbo lobster rolls.

        Red's Eats- if still open (they close on columbus day or maybe right after) is the best in the business- not far from brunswick.

        Brunswick Diner- fine

        Haraseeket- excellent

        Sea Basket- excellent (if still open)

        we'll be in maine next week for the holidays and i will be eating as many lobster rollz as possible ( as usual), so i will report on what i find open and good besides the above mentioned. enjoy fb

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          Thanks. I am making a note of all these suggestions. I have heard of Reds Eats and since we will be in ME the day before Columbus Day, we should be able to eat there at least once.

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            frankbooth - eager to hear about your lobster roll eating adventures and what you found open.

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              As has been reported ad nauseam on this board, Red's Eats is the most over-hyped, over-priced & overly bloviated "Shack" in N.E. It's turned into The Black Dog Tavern of Maine. "Gee, this must be a great place. Otherwise, we wouldn't be standing in this interminable line. huh?" Do yourself a major favor and meander over to The Sea Basket and enjoy a lobster roll that's every bit the equal of "Red's" and at a more reasonable price , as well.

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                Except he's talking about NEXT year. So a long time to wait for a review but more than enough time to plan.

            2. OK here is the winter lobster rollz in maine report- wow, it's tough for a lobster roll eater out here in the middle of winter. few if any good ones- the best one so far has been Brunswick Diner- today it was very fresh, very tasty, definately not frozen, quite good- served on a nissan roll with lettuce underneath the delicious lobster meet- not huge, but very delicious. bob's clam hut jumbo lobster roll was NOT good- SO different from the summer lobster rollz, which were quite good at bob's- this one was mealy, probably frozen, and not good. and then pretty much every place else good is CLOSED!!! we went and got some DELICIOUS lobsters (hot, steamed, so fresh) at the Kennebeck Tavern (i think it was called) in Bath, ME- we called a bunch of places in the midcoast area and few if any had lobsters- the ones at the restaurant in bath were excellent- i ate 2... oops... i was so jonesing for red's- we drive by it most every day and i sigh and can't wait for the summer. btw, i completely disagree with the above post concerning red's- red's is consistantly the best tasting lobster roll around, imho- sea basket is great, but their bun is strange and not well matched to the lobster. and i can tell you, i have eaten a TON of lobster rollz at both places (my wife grew up 5 minutes from both and we spend a lot of time up here)and all over maine, and red's is not hype. so fresh, so abundant, so tasty, great briney taste, barely needs any butter, SO worth any hassle/wait/fumes from rt. 1. you just need to be creative about when you go to reds- 8:45 p.m. any night guarantees great lobstah rollz from red's with minimal or no wait (and no fumes, since maine is so quiet at night). sorry i can't report back on any better winter lobster roll options- i'm trying to get to Cook's Lobster Pound, it's just far... i'll do my best. btw, harraseeket was open selling lobsters, but the restaurant was closed. but live lobsters were no problem- just gotta cook them yourself. i will continue on my quest for great winter lobster rolls, but it seems there isn't enough turnover for anyplace to make them and keep them fresh. so, until summer, it's just moody's diner, over and over and over- so perfect, so good, i guess i should try a winter lobster roll at moody's (they are pretty good in the summer, but winter? hard to know). enjoy frankbooth

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                Don't try too hard to get to Cook's. Yes it's a beautiful spot, but everything is overpriced and not that good. I was there in November, didn't have the lobster roll, but the lobster newburgh was yucky. Sauce had way too much flour and stood up on the plate like wallpaper paste, although had a nice sherry/cayenne flavor. The lobster chunks in the sauce were small and mushy- definitely frozen and thawed. Served with weird little gummy white bread toast points. That's what $29.95 got me.

              2. B E C K Y ' S
                D I N E R
                They have lobster rolls all the time, and they are on the
                pier, so they can walk to the pound to get more lobsters.
                Wow-how can this be any fresher ?????

                1. I've been summering in S. Harpswell for over 50 years. I started very, very young, o.k.?
                  Cook's has always been a tourist trap. The food is at least passable most of the time but It's no Starfish Grill, for example. Normally they do have lobster rolls year round, by the way.

                  Even knowing that, when certain in-laws and out-laws show up it's the place they HAVE go to. The view is as good as it gets and the prices are dear, even for the area. But it doesn't stop the tourist from coming in droves. They don't feel like they've been to "Maine" till they've bibbed-up at Cook's. At least I make sure it's a good day so I can sit out on the deck. I wish the hell The Dolphin Chowder House had a deck and then they'd either have to come with me or shift for themselves.

                  1. Thanks for the info on Cook's everyone- yes, i have been there in the past, it is a bit touristy, and i'm sure it's far from the best lobster rolls around. now i should have tried becky's diner's lobster roll- we had a great lunch/breakfast there- my burger was just great- perfect diner burger, better than moody's burger. but i should have had a lobsta roll... next time. today i had breakfast at moody's diner, a mushroom barley soup from reins deli in hartford ct (pretty darn good soup for a mediocre deli, but always right on time- location!), and a delicious pie from Pepe's fairfield (medium red half bacon with mozz)- absolutely great! that's almost as good as the day last summer i had moody's for breakfast, red's lobster rolls for lunch, and Sally's Appiza in new haven for late dinner- oh yeah!!!

                    1. In Harpswell, it's really Morse's, hands-down, but I don't think they're open as late as October.

                      The Lobster Station in Cape Elizabeth is another good bet: excellent ingredients and very simple. They do put lettuce into the rolls unless you ask them not to, which is a no-no for this Maine resident.


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                        Shhhhh.......for seafood in the rough, too many people already know about Morse's :-)

                      2. we're going in july instead so will check out morse's. thanks.

                        1. The Lobster Shack on Cape Elizabeth is a good place to go for lobster rolls. I think they stay open thru Columbus Day. Its a very nice spot to visit if you are from out of town. beautiful location, right on the ocean rocks with a phenomenal view, lighthouses and all. I always take out of town guests there when they come to visit us here in Portland. Its best in the summer, but lines are always long. You order and then wait for your number to be called. We usually wander down the rocks witht the kids while someone holds a picnic table up above.

                          1. The Lobster Shack is a clip joint. They serve fake mayo. Everything is wrong there. I grew up on Harpswell neck and live in Cape Elizabeth, so I oughtta know.

                            "Its a very nice spot to visit if you are from out of town. beautiful location, right on the ocean rocks with a phenomenal view, lighthouses and all.": no argument there, but the lobster rolls are no good.

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                              I tend to eat my lobster rolls without mayo, so I didn't know they were using the faux stuff (yuk--why would they do that? Shame on them!). But I wouldn't say "everything" is wrong there. While the food may not be the greatest (its not gourmet), the experience is very pleasant and worth the trip, even if its on the pricey side (if you're on vacation and plan to spend some $$ anyway, what the heck?). And lobster rolls are hard to mess up completely unless the lobster is overcooked and tough, there isn't enough of it in the roll, or the roll isn't nicely grilled. I haven't had bad lobster rolls there, but of course, the mayo situation is inexcusable.

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                                Portland Lobster Company in the Old Port has a long deck and the best lobster rolls. They do have lettuce, but are perfectly toasted, filled w/ lobster, brushed w/ warm butter, and served w/ fries and mayo on side.