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Dec 10, 2006 06:48 PM

sona is just terrible

we ordered the 6 course tasting menu priced at $89 per person. the waitress, who cheerfully asked us if we would like truffles sprinkled on top of our last course, neglected to mention that the cost of that would be another $100 per person. for a party of 6, that adds up quickly to a total bill of over $1200.... which would have been fine at a "mere" $200 per person. however, when each course came out, the size of each morsel was (NO JOKE) less that the span of a penny..... we left craving an in-n-out hamburger to at least fill our appetite and placate the terrible feeling that i had just been taken for a very expensive ride..... bottom line... This place is terrible and a complete RIP OFF....

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    1. This is a common complaint with regard to truffles. It should be the restaurant's responsibility to inform the diner as to the cost.

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      1. re: SauceSupreme

        OP's complaint is not just about truffles, but the entire dinner.

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          Agree entirely - I think the lack of warning for such a substantial charge is tantamount to fraud and I would politely refuse to pay it.
          One of the few good things I can say about Patina (I am a sucker for their occasional truffle menu) is that they do not charge extra for generous shavings.

        2. Wow. Seems like if someone would pay that much for dinner in the first place then they wouldn't mind paying extra for over-priced mushrooms.

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            Adding a supplemental fee for an item that more than doubles the per-person charge isn't quite in the same realm as "paying extra" for the item, in my opinion at least. I would have been outraged to have an additional $100 *per person* added for a "sprinkling of truffles."

            On the other hand, since every single restaurant in town that features truffles charges a premium for them, I probably would have asked the waiter at the time the truffle offer was made if there was a surcharge before ordering them. Caveat Emptor.

            1. re: DanaB

              hmmm...buyer beware....i have officially removed sona and boule from my radar !!

              1. re: kjs

                I have been to SONA once and left thinking I should try it again one day. Haven't been back yet in three (?) years. However, I have been to BOULE many times and remain impressed with the quality of their chocolates, ice creams, macarons, and tarts. They are not inexpensive, but quality rarely is.

                1. re: kjs

                  ditto. who needs to be fed by people hoping to dupe you

                2. re: DanaB

                  Unfortunately, with large parties esp. there are usually diners who are not aware of the cost of truffles, especially when they are presented in an offhand way. This same thing has happened to me at a restaurant with a large party and it's the way the waiter/waitress says it in the sort of "would you like a refill on your coffee" way that makes most not think twice about it. It is difficult to warn other diners politely and not embarrass them. And. of course, the waiter/watress knows it. I would complain to the manager and let them know that I regard this as a deceptive and offensive practice. I will never return to Il Sole after they tried the same with truffles rather aggressively or to Il Picolino after they sold us a $90 off menu ribeye special without warning.

              2. We ordered the Sona 9 course Chef's TM and left starving(3 courses were dessert?) After 3 visits to Sona we have removed it from our dining radar.
                Now for the good news, The White Alba Truffles at Valentino's last Wed night were stellar and the whole extravganza dinner was only 150-ea and no one left hungry after 5 hrs of non- stop dining.

                1. In New York until tomorrow, but was homesick to read some L.A. hound posts. Regarding Sona, our experience at this restaurant was a mix, which I've called "Sona, the good, the bad, and the ugly". The bottom line is that there is no way we would ever return. Our anniversary dinner of a year ago in November was spent there, and we left so unsatisfied. My post of a year ago was the above title and I received a lot of comments from my detailed post. I thought that I'd adhered to rules of posting, but after a month my post was nowhere to be found. I am always happy when folks have good experiences at restaurants and I hope that people have had good experiences at the above restaurant. We didn't.
                  Cheers all,

                  P.S. After 9 nights in New York, GAWD I miss sushi! Going to Sushi Zo on Wednesday and i am SOOOO psyched.

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                      1. re: DanaB

                        WOW DanaB, you are so appreciated right now! Thank you for resurrecting my post. I really thought it had been removed.