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Dec 10, 2006 06:39 PM

blackstone in melville

went on a chow rec. to blackstone sushi bar in melville with my 13 yr. old.
pretty good! had salmon sushi and one creative roll with a variety of fish, etc. fancier atmosphere than i'd like for sushi. It is a steakhouse- what would I expect?!

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  1. I am also curious fro feedback....!!!

    1. Uber-expensive....overpriced for LI....Steak with a little Bling-Bling !

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      1. re: engarcon

        Is it steak or sushi? Is it a japanese steakhous that has sushi? Or is it a geishing steakhouse with non-hapanese trying to make shushi?

        1. re: Hicksville

          it's a steakhouse with a sushi/raw bar as well. way overpriced for what it is